The Return Of Ekaterina Gamova

December 21st, 2013

For now, Obmachaeva can relax because Gamova has no plans of coming back and so her starting position is safe.

4 time Olympian Ekaterina Gamova finally airs her side about returning to the National Team starting next year. A Russia volleyball official revealed almost 2 weeks ago that Russian tower “might” rejoin since quitting the team after a bitter exit at the 2012 London Olympics where Gamova and Russia finished 5th.

Katya says…

“I do not know where this information came from. I didn’t talked to anyone and read about it only in the newspapers.”

As for her professional career, the 33 year old declined press inquiries about her future. She wants to fulfill her duties first with club team Dinamo Kazan in the Russian League and Champions League.

We really think she should come back especially next year at the World Championship. She needs to be with Russia as they try to win the crown for the 3rd time in a row. If she can’t win Olympic gold at least she’d have 3 World Titles for her to brag add on her amazing success portfolio.

December 12th, 2013

This is interesting…

Her longtime friend and teammate Lioubov Sokolova made a comeback this year at the 2013 World Grand Champions Cup after more than a year of inactivity with the Russian National Team and now Gamova’s return is making headlines.

General Secretary of Russian national team, Alexander Yaremenko, tells that there is a possibility the 33 year old will rejoin the team next year.

“Gamova decided to retire from national team, but her plans might change. She has a great season in Dinamo Kazan, showed that she is a true leader of the club, and we hope that she will return to play for Russia.”

Take note, her return is just a possibility and nothing is set in stone.

ekaterina gamova russia best volleyball player The Return Of Ekaterina Gamova

Knowing that the World Championship is next year and Russia is the defending champs then we have a feeling Katya will come back. With Gamova, Russia is going to be another star studded squad together with Sokolova, Kosheleva and Obmochaeva.

Should Gamova play for Russia again? Yes or No?

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  1. DMan says:

    If there’s one lady I would love to see win a gold medal at the Olympics it is her. Come on back

  2. Patricia Brazil says:

    Come back to russian national team, it would be great to see you next year in World Championship. All the best !!!

  3. Oziel says:

    I’d love seeing her crying after another defeat to Brazil… in my opinion She is simply disgusting

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