About Us

Volleyball is an integral part of my life in California. It keeps me healthy and allows me to connect with other players. It also gives me the opportunity to compete and even serves as social event with my friends. I hope to contribute in popularizing the volleyball world by sharing how exciting this game is, how great these athletes are on and off the court, and exposing it around the world. I have this dream to make volleyball grow through social media. So I created…

Volleywood is a blog site that covers the sport of volleyball in various aspects: tournaments, athletes, results, statistics, images, news and developments. My vision for the page is to promote volleyball by building connections between athletes and the fans and to help people to discover how unique volleyball is. With a growing number of supporters from around the globe, Volleywood has built a strong community which keeps growing each day. The site and the Facebook page are viewed worldwide by followers from Bogota, Hong Kong, Madrid, Manila to as far as Athens and Thessaloniki.

Since it’s launching in June 2009, Volleywood has become a positive and amusing venue for people to interact and to share their thoughts about the game and their favorite players. Furthermore, it has also branched out to other social networks such as Twitter, Youtube and it even has a store of its own on Zazzle. These networks help the page build a community that’s more interactive, up-to-date, entertaining and enticing.

Volleywood has drawn fans and supporters for national teams and the players in a very convenient and very engaging approach. Volleywood has a mission to bring more fans and allow the sport and the athletes to grow their networks.

Volleywood wants to be a force to promote volleyball to become a household name.

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