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Verena Guidi

Verena is one of Matey Kaziyski’s biggest fans & aspired to be a volleyball blogger. “Volleyball, ie men’s volleyball, has always been my greatest passion and I love to watch it, talk and write about it. My commitment and my dream would be to transform my hobby in my future endeavors.” says the 25 year old who is also very fluent in the English language.

Miss Guidi will soon launch her own volleyball blog.


The place to come for all information about #SittingVolleyball from around the world.


To support World ParaVolley with the growth of #SittingVolleyball by providing developing programs with a resource that focuses on the inclusive and accessible natures of our sport.

Company Overview

Sitting Volleyball is one of the fastest and most entertaining sports in the Paralympic Games, and it is also one of the most inclusive community sports available where anyone and everyone can play alongside and and against anyone and everyone.

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Matías Rosa

He is an Argentine journalist of 33 years who specializes in volleyball since 2001. He worked as press director of the professional team at the University of Buenos Aires and Bolívar, where still in charge. He was elected to be the press aide’s in FIVB Men World Championship 2002, and press director of Challenge 2008 World Cup and 2010 South American Club Championship, among other tournaments. He wrote in the Daily Cronica of Buenos Aires, published the book “Bolivar, the capital of the Argentine Volleyball” which was presented at the FIVB and developed various projects to popularize and spread the sport.

In 2010 he was named best National League´s press director. It also works as broadcast and press assesor for the most important TV producer in the country, Ideas del Sur, for a decade.

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Russ Marchewka

Russ Marchewka played indoor volleyball at UC Irvine and now plays professional beach volleyball. His commitment to better nutrition has earned him the nickname “Mr. Healthy” on the tour. Marchewka has spent the last eight years studying how nutrition affects his volleyball game.

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Katarzyna Perko Perkowska/ Perko Photography