Greta Cicolari VS Italian Federation

There are 2 sides to every story, we very much welcome the side of the Italian Federation or any persons involved in this matter. You can reach us at Thank you.

We are SHOCKED with what’s going on with Italian beach player Greta Cicolari!

A source very familiar with her case has sent us these details:

Greta signed a three year agreement with the national federation FIPAV this summer.

But the Brazilian coach of the Italian federation decided to get rid of Greta for personal reasons, ie Greta had refused to give her name and image to the coach for one of his personal projects.

So after just a few weeks, FIPAV breached the agreement that was supposed to go until Rio 2016!

The problem is that they did it illegitimately.

Greta has made the necessary steps to court and for that reason the federation is just trying to make Greta’s life miserable by suspending her.

A video was released on youtube where we hear an important person from the federation yelling at her and threatening her!

Here’s the video:

Translation: The physiotherapist is in deep sh*t and you think I should find a deal with you? What the f*ck is on your mind? Do you think you can shut down the federation? Or you think you will never play beach volley again? I’ll tell you what will happen! You will not play beach volley again! Sue us and we will have fun! Sue us and we will have fun!. We will take your brother’s house away! (Greta responds: The house is not under his name.) Well to your FAT father then and yours too! You all have a chicken head!

Take note, Greta’s father was at a hospital fighting for his life with an amputated leg during this confrontation.

Greta has always shown her strong character on the court and with this situation she is now becoming a role model outside the court for young women who are treated in a bad way.
Greta is getting ready for her next season with the a very strong player (whose name we are not allowed to release now as she is playing indoor) and the Olympic committee and the FIVB have been warned about this persecution by Greta’s own federation.

We hope both parties will resolve their issues and move on in good terms. We can’t imagine how DIRTY politics in volleyball can get. This is for sure one forgettable event in the life of any athlete.

greta cicolari drama Greta Cicolari VS Italian Federation
greta cicolari Greta Cicolari VS Italian Federation
greta cicolari idrama Greta Cicolari VS Italian Federation

Be strong Greta!

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  1. Robert says:

    I’m SHOCKED about you. You can’t take a bad situation like this and write only ONE POINT OF VIEW without knowing or asking at the other part in cause!!
    Cicolari was suspended for 6 months to have public insulted her coach, her teammate and her federation, and is not right miss to write this information.
    They use everything to be victim of this situation.
    But ok they doing what they want but what’s the behaviour of public information? Ask also information at the other part or shoot against people without knowing the truth!?
    Also in this recording we listen only one person speaking but who know what Greta Cicolari said at this meeting?You can take a unidirectional speech and judge whole conversation!
    Now the situation is: a teammate, a coach, a federation against poor Greta Cicolari toghether in a National Cospiracy or maybe SHE has done something wrong?!

  2. Jennifer says:

    The situation isn’t quite so…

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