Rabita Denies Nootsara Tomkom Drama

Just last night we received a shocking news that Nootsara Tomkom would miss the ongoing Southeast Asian Games (SEA Games) in Myanmar because her club team, Rabita Baku, has “lost” her passport.

From a very reliable source familiar with the incident:

“Rabita didn’t want to let her go so for some reason Nootsara was told that they had “lost” her passport and that she had to stay. Rabita wanted her to play in the Champions League match versus Omsk. When they told her about the lost passport, Sara was just devastated. She was heartbroken because of the situation.”

The source also adds that another club team in the Azerbaijan has also done the same thing with their foreign players.

“Another team in the Azeri league threatened their Asian players. They told the foreigners that if they leave the team, they will not come back.”

Rabita Baku Denies Any Wrongdoing

There’s always 2 sides to every story. Rabita Baku has sent us this EXCLUSIVE press release which explains what exactly happened between Nootsara and her club team.

Dear Volleywood,

I would like to greet you from the name of Rabita BAKU volleyball club and to clarify one thing about our dear player Ms. Nootsara TOMKOM.

Today we have read that as if her passport was stolen and she could not leave for Sea Games to play with Thailand National team. This is totally absurd rumor and it has really nothing to do with reality.

As you all know Rabita BAKU is flying to Omsk to play its last match for Champs league preliminary and all the foreigners must get visa to Russia. Ms. Nootsara`s passport as well as the others` are in the Russian Embassy in Azerbaijan and soon we are going to get them to fly to Russia. To get visa to Russia is always not so easy so it takes time.

Beisdes all of that, it is not truth that Ms. Nootsara will not be released by her club for Sea Games, but she will join her team for the final round of this tournament and will be sent by the Club immediately with the first possible flight from Osmk.

Rabita BAKU is professional club, respects all the National Federations and players but we want also the clubs to be respected in the same way. The players must fulfill their obligations for their clubs as well.

We have released Ms. Nootsara for Grand Champions Cup immediately after our match with Beziers in France, as we did with the other players playing for National team. This is FIVB rule, our and players obligation and everyone must follow this.

We are going to release the other players for National team for World Champs Qualifications again with the same time we release Ms. Nootsara for Sea Games.

Ms. Nootsara loves her country, her amazing fans, respects both the club and Federation. This is professional volleyball life and the rules must be followed both by clubs and federations.

ABout Sea Games Azerbaijani National Federation as well as Rabita BAKU Volleyball club received OFFICIAL LETTER from FIVB that the players must fulfil their obligations until 17th December in front of the club an then can fly to play any tournament for their National teams.

Rabita BAKU is professional club that has always highest goals and respects all the fans and kindly asks everyone not to speculate with such kind of things and make the player feeling bad. Ms. Nootsara shows a great love to her country, she loves her fans and always takes care of them but she must also fulfill her conditions for the professional club she signed.

The other teammates of Ms. Nootsara were released by their club because their priority for this moment is not the same with ours and both our National federation and clubs tried to find some compromise not to put in bad situation the Thailand National team and its dear Federation.

I am greeting you once again and wish you all to have pleasant Christmas break and Happy new Year celebrations.

Rabita BAKU always feels your support and is very grateful to you all.

Special thanks to Volleywood that is so far THE BEST and THE MOST read web volley world.


Best regards,


Ilgar Azero
Rabita BAKU
Sports Director

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  1. Sakarin says:

    Do you know the fact that whoever has Thai citizen no need to apply Russia visa and can stay in Russia 30 days. I don’t understand why Noosara have to apply visa, if she sent passport to Russia Embassy. and if the staff is not dumb.They must return her passport. I think that it is not Nootsara’s Drama, but it is Rabita Baku’s Drama. :D

  2. Andy says:

    This is unfortunate news, but to be honest, it’s the SEA games. Thailand is such a world class team that they don’t even need her to win.

  3. Tony says:

    I think it’s about “work visa (working visa)” and “tourist visa”. This time Noosara goes to Russia to play the professional match which I think that she needs to have a “work visa” and not “tourist visa”.

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