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Clay Stanley Reveals He Misses Volleyball

We do miss him but it’s great to hear that he is enjoying life with his family in the beautiful Hawaii.

In an interview released by, 2008 Olympic gold medalist and MVP Clay Stanley reveals that he misses playing volleyball. He also shares the MAIN REASON of his retirement from the sport which was due to a really bad knee injury.

“If there was an opportunity, I would play volleyball until I die. But my body made it clear that it would no longer work. It is now very difficult for me to watch any volleyball match. I immediately want to go out on the court. It is very difficult to accept that I cannot do what I previously did with ease. It’s just awful.

When I signed a contract with Lokomotiv (2012), I injured my knee, and the damage was serious. Now I can not jump. I can do a regular jump but not the kind of jump when you play volleyball. There’s pain when I attempt to do any volleyball jump.”

The said interview also mentions that Clay now works for his family’s flooring business. The 2 time Olympian (2004, 2008) last played for Team USA at the 2012 Olympics and ended his professional in Japan with Suntory Sunbirds in 2016.

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