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Sheilla Castro Changes Her Mind On Tiffany Abreu

Some of her fans are NOT too happy with what she recently posted on Facebook a few days ago.

Sheilla Castro has changed her mind on having trans athletes play in the Brazilian Superliga – the country’s top professional league. The two time Olympic Champion reveals that at first she was okay having a trans player (male to female) play but not anymore. She has changed her opinion about it after reading the opinions of others especially those who are in the medical field.

The opposite hitter pointed out that Tiffany only made her transformation after 29 years old and her body is from a man despite she being under hormone control. In any case, she said to limit the number of trans players per team may be the right solution because sport in general should be inclusive and we can’t discriminate people like Tiffany.

Please see below:

Some netizens who responded to her post are NOT too happy with her and calling her “transphobic” – a person who has irrational fear or discriminates against transgender or transsexual people.

In case you didn’t know, Tiffany Abreu has been making headlines in the sports world after becoming the first trans player to play in the Brazilian women’s league. The athlete has been questioned, slammed and criticized by other known sports personalities like former Brazilian player Ana Paula but Tiffany has ignored the hate and remains focused on her goals to help her club team.

Do you agree with Sheilla or disagree?


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  1. In this discussion it is important to realize that Tiffany is not a “classic” transgender, if any such thing exists. Her former ego Rodrigo was tall and broad shoulderd, the likes of let’s say a Tsvetan Sokolov. As Tiffany, she is taller and still stronger than any female volleyball player in the world. So is it fair to the other female competitors to let her compete? I tend to say no.

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