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Terror Alert @ 2012 Olympics

2012 Olympics Volleyball

Seriously, can we just try to live in peace?

For the sake of mankind!

According to this article, the upcoming Olympics to be held in London has been targeted by terrorists. Report says that these so called enemies of peace plan on attacking the biggest sports event in the world just like what they did in Mumbai, India 3 years ago wherein 164 people died & 300 were wounded as  terrorists targeted the city’s main railway station, a hospital, a restaurant and two hotels.

Security is definitely one of Britain’s top priorities at the Games wherein they have reportedly spent £1billion. The security plan includes borrowing small attack helicopters called MH-6 or “killer eggs” from the United States which can help British forces counter an attack ala Mumbai style of attack. These type of planes will be deployed during the Games. “The advantages in a city situation are obvious as they can get to places conventional aircraft cannot reach. The SAS have trained with them in the past so they are ready to go. The problem is finding enough British helicopter pilots who are available to fly them.” according to a source quoted by

More from the article:

  • A number of Army explosive search dogs will be recalled from Afghanistan to help because of a shortage of trained police dogs.
  • Special forces will also be equipped with high speed military inflatables to react to an alert on the Thames.
  • Several anti-terrorism exercises have been carried out at the Olympics Village in Stratford amid fears of sieges or sniper attacks.
  • The first real security test will come when the Olympic torch is carried through the streets of Britain from May until the start of the Games.
  • The military deployment will include Typhoon jets being moved to RAF Northolt in west London from bases in Scotland or Lincolnshire for the duration of the Games.
  • Rapier air-defence missiles will be located in London to protect the capital while the Navy’s amphibious assault ship HMS Ocean – complete with helicopters and a Royal Marine assault squadron – will be moored at Greenwich.

We’ve also read that the British government is also concerned of an anthrax attack or biological terror attack so they’ve already started working on how to respond to such attack. Other steps taken so far include vaccinating more than 500 health workers  against smallpox, enabling them to respond to a biological terror attack.”The reality is we are testing everything at this stage in order to make sure that we do deliver a safe and secure Olympics.” according to Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt.

We really appreciate the steps they’ve taken to ensure everyone’s safety. On the other hand, we’d like to share this video which shows the progress of all of the venues on the Olympic Park.

Are You Going To Watch The Olympics in London?

Are You Going To Watch The Olympics in London?

Are You Going To Watch The Olympics in London?

Hope to see you there safe and sound!

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