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Giba & Ricardo Meet Again!

It’s been forever since these 2 former teammates saw each other and today at the launching conference  for the 2010-2011 Superliga their paths finally crossed! We thought it would be an awkward moment for Giba and Ricardo but they were actually very cordial as they shook hands and enjoyed the gathering.

It appears they both moved on from the past and we hope they’ll bury the hatchet and be friends again. Bitterness can make your life miserable bbs so you 2 will forgive and forget. We’re crossing our fingers.

Ricardo and Giba used to be the best of friends but the friendship dissolved when Ricardo demanded for more money after winning the World League MVP award. He didn’t want to share the prize money to his team so he resigned from the squad and lost touch with his teammates. He played overseas for a few years and attempted to return to the National Team this year but was dropped from the squad and missed a chance to win another gold at the World Championship.

Ricardo decided to return and play in the Brazilian League this season. So far his return has gained positive feedback from the fans. He’s a gifted setter and his presence is one of the reasons why this is the Best Superliga Season ever in Brazil.

Video: Ricardo Shakes Hands with Giba, Visotto and Murilo

Selfish choices result to bitter endings. Always remember that Ricardo. Money can change people. Hope you know that too bb.

Side Dish: Ricardo has stated that he has no plans of returning to the National Team. He wants to spend more time with his family now that he’s back in Brazil. He also said that he really wanted to join the team in Italy for the World Champs and that was his last attempt.

Never say never bb. We still want to see you on the team but make sure you know how to $HARE this time around. Just saying…

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