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Reid Relaunches Website

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Clay Stanley & Logan Tom should make one as well!

One of the best American players our generation has ever seen, Reid Priddy, has relaunched his website just in time before the 2012 season kicks off which the World League and of course the Olympic Games in London.

We must admit that the new website totally has the major components for fans to enjoy compared to the old one. It now has lots of pictures, a really cool video showing Reid’s journey, his tweets and many more.

Check out this video below by Joshua Glazebrook:

Without further ado, we proudly present to you….

Click HERE to check out!

Click HERE to check out!

Click HERE to check out!

Click HERE to check out!

Click HERE to check out!

Click HERE to check out!

Just a couple of suggestions:

1. Reid can create an official Facebook Fan Page since the one he currently has is a personal profile which has a limit of 5,000 Friends.

2. A link showing Reid’s deep volleyball portfolio which includes college career, tournaments he’s played with Team USA, professional club team history and individual awards. For someone as great as Reid, it’d be great for fans to know where he’s been, what he has achieved in college and since joining the National Team in 2000 and his individual awards.

Other than that, Reid’s website looks GREAT!

(images: Glazebrook Photography)

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  1. Thanks Ace!
    Love your suggestions. We are actually working on doing both 1 & 2!! Great minds think alike. Look for more exciting features launching soon at


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