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Nicole Davis Describes Logan As A Teammate

Not the first time we heard about Logan as a teammate.

To make the long story short, Nicole Davis reveals the kind of teammate Logan Tom was to her when they played together for almost 8 years including 2 Olympic gold medal matches together.

The two time Olympic silver medalist appeared on The Net Live last Monday. When former Olympian Kevin Barnett asked her about Logan whom he described as someone “notoriously difficult to play with”, this is what she said in the end:

“Logan is a phenomenal player. I learned a lot from her about understanding the game. I learned a lot from her on how NOT to be a teammate as well.”

In all fairness to Nicole, we appreciate her honesty on describing her journey with Logan when they both competed for Team USA. Brave!!!

Nicole shared a lot throughout the interview such as her journey with Team USA, what Coach Lang Ping did in 2008, the tragedy that happened to Coach Hugh McCutcheon’s in law, why they lost to Brazil in 2012 and the kind of team Coach Kiraly wanted in 2013 when he took over as the new head coach.

As we all know, 2 players got the pink slip from Coach KK: Logan Tom and Destinee Hooker.

Watch The Video:

Fast forward to 43:51

In case you didn’t know, Logan found out that her time with Team USA was up via a phone call from Coach Kiraly 4 years ago.

According to this 2016 article, Logan told USAV that once she fully recovers from an ankle injury she sustained in Brazil, she’s available to play for the team if they need her.

Coach Kiraly called her and told her that is no longer needed.

“I got a phone call saying, ‘Thank you for the time you put into USA Volleyball, but we won’t be needing your services anymore,’” she said. Tom said she respected the decision but was caught off-guard by how the news was delivered. “It was more how it was done than what was done,” she said. “I thought it was a good relationship [with Kiraly]. He was probably the coach I was most close to, 2012 and before. That wasn’t the best feeling.”

Kiraly declined to discuss why Tom is no longer part of the national team. “One of the important and difficult parts of this job is that my staff and I, our USA team staff and I, have to make important roster and personnel decisions that can, to some outsiders, appear confusing, even up to enraging, and those decisions have to be made,” Kiraly said in a phone interview.

Logan is currently playing in Israel.

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We doubt we’d ever hear Logan’s side since she is not a big fan of doing interviews and she is not even active on social media. One thing we know for sure though is that Logan treats her volleyball career seriously.

She works hard when she is on the court. Logan may have been a “bad” teammate to those she has played with but in the eyes of her supporters since her first Olympics in 2000 – she was, she is and she will always be THE BEST AMERICAN PLAYER our generation has ever seen.


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