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$150,000 Bonus For Nebraska’s Coach John Cook

He deserves every penny!!!

First and foremost, congratulations to Coach John Cook and to the Nebraska Huskers for winning the NCAA D1 Women’s Volleyball title last Saturday in front of 18,156 fans (the largest ever at a National Championship) in Kansas City.

This is Nebraska’s 2nd title in 3 seasons and their 5th championship title overall.

With this victory, Coach Cook – who has coached Nebraska for the last 18 seasons – will receive a HEFTY BONUS!

According to this article, Coach Cook’s salary is $600,000 per season from 2016 until 2021. He is also expected to receive 25% bonus from his base salary if he wins a national title. Take note, he received $114,000 bonus check when Nebraska won it in 2015 from a base salary of $456,000.

With a $600,000 salary, Coach Cook’s bonus this year is…


That’s a lot of $$$ for someone who truly deserved it!

We’d also like to congratulate Coach Mary Wise and the Florida Gators for finishing second and for a great season!!!

Congrats to all teams as well!

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  1. That figure does not include bonus for Big title or making NCAA. As a program that produces revenue, he is certainly worth it.

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