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Matt Anderson Answers

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Well Hello There Mr. Matt Anderson!

We’d like to thank you for taking time to answer these questions from your FANS from all over the world. Matt is indeed one of the world’s top young volleyball superstars. He has a very bright future ahead of him. Matt’s got the skills, the power, the jump and the pretty boy looks which makes go mmmmmmmmmmm. LOL!

Seriously, Matt is a great guy on and off the court (Trust us!).

What’s your work out routine to improve your vertical for your approach and your routine for harder hitting?

The workout routine I have was designed by the USAVolleyball strength trainer, it is a series of loading and unloading exercises such as front and back squats with lounges, box jumps among other exercises to help build strength for landing. For upper body strength I do slot of shoulder exercises, internal and external rotations with bands and exercises for flexibility that can help with the volume of swings I get in training and matches.

Where are you playing professionally this season?

This season I am playing in the Italian Series A1 league for CasaModena.

If one of Polish volleyball club want you to play in it, will you accept the proposition?

I think that the Polish league is great. They get a lot of good players and the fans in Poland are amazing. I am signed in Modena for 2 years and after my contract is up here, I will think about the Polish league then.

How many matches you play in one year? how many days you rest (holiday)?

The amount of matches I play in one year is different from year to year, also are my free days. Sorry I know that’s not an answer.

Which coach of yours had the biggest impact on you, both on and off the court?

Each coach I’ve had along the way has helped me in some way. In the beginning it was building a passion for the game of volleyball, in college it was helping my development of court awareness and understanding of the game. Now in my pro leagues and with the national team it has been about keeping myself accountable for my effort and consistency.

What do you drink / eat BEFORE a match to prepare, DURING a match to stay fresh, and AFTER a match to recover?

My diet for game day is pretty simple. For lunch before I try to get in a big meal consisting of a plate of vegetables or salad, a pasta or risotto, then about 2-3 chicken breasts and then some fruit. During matches I’ll keep some power bars or cliff bars handy if I feel a little drained. I’m also drinking a lot of water and Gatorade. After the match is it usually some type of protein shake immediately after in the locker room. For the meal after the match it is similar to the pre game meal, just instead of chicken it will be a red meat.

How do you see the upcoming world cup in Japan? are you ready for it? looking forward to it? which team has the best chance to win and to be qualified for Olympics? Oh, do you prefer indoor or beach volleyball? would you ever consider to switch to beach volleyball?

I’m very excited for the world cup, I think it will be a great experience and of course a great opportunity for us to qualify for the Olympic games. The teams at the world cup all have qualified for this tournament in some way and deserve to be there. That being said they will all be good and it can be won by any of the teams present. I want us to finish in the top 3 to secure our spot in London. I prefer playing indoor volleyball but still have fun playing beach. I am planning on playing indoor as long as I physically can, when I can no longer maybe if I still have it I can try my skills on the beach.

What is your goal as a volleyball player?

My goal as a volleyball player is to try and become the best player I can be, and to try and make men’s volleyball more popular in the US so that maybe some time in the future there can be a professional league there.

What’s your current vertical?

When standing I can reach around 8’10”, when spike approaching I can reach 12’2″. If my math is correct that is around a 40″ vertical.

What’s the best way i can improve my back row attacks?

It sounds s little cliche but, I truly believe that the best way to improve any volleyball skill is to just play. Getting reps with a coach is a great way to get instant feedback and get a better feel of your skill development for yourself. Part of becoming a great volleyball player is to learn a respect for the process of development.

When did you start playing volleyball? What other sports did you play growing up?

Growing up I played soccer and baseball. I switched over to volleyball when I was a freshman in high school. In had fun with it and decided to continue playing.

How did you feel when you play in Final Eight this year? What do you think about polish fans? Would you like to play in Poland someday?

The world league final 8 was another great opportunity for us as a team to learn where we stand next to the best teams in world. I believe we could have preformed better but we have learned good lessons and we will return a stronger team.

Do you have a idol? which player or coach would you like to play?

I don’t have an idol for sports, I try to emulate some players such as the attacking of Dante, the speed and ball control Giba, Murilo, Priddy and Juantorena. All while trying to add my own personal aspects to my play that will set me aside from the rest.

What do you think of our Brazilian Giba and Murilo?

I think that Giba and Murilo are 2 of the best volleyball players in the world, and their credentials speak for themselves.

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Click HERE to LIKE Matt’s Official Facebook Fan Page!

Click HERE to LIKE Matt’s Official Facebook Fan Page!


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  2. Wow, today I saw Anderson playing, he’s awesome! I respect Anderson’s booty, he excelled as E.Koji and Troy.
    USA lost from Brazil but they are huge, great game! Really good to watch.

  3. Hi, john. i’m Iranian. You are a excellent player. I love You. I hope you come in Iran soon. Good Luck john

  4. Hi Matt.Im an Iranian girl and I love you so so so much.I watched all of your matches in Poland.You played really good.Your match vs.Iran was excellent,however my country won but you played excellent.I cried a lot last night because you lost vs. Argentina because you had stress,however my country won but I couldent stop crying.You were excellent vs.Poland.Please come to Iran,however if you come here I cant see you.By the way I want to be a volleyball player,too!Oh I soke a lot but I dont know you will read this or no and just one more thing please dont be sad because of last night cause all people and all over the world know you are the best.I think now you have headache!!!!
    I love you so so so much.With best wishes for you

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