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Brazil Murilo Endres Can Finally Play Again

After a doping scandal last May 2017, two time Olympic silver medalist Murilo Endres is finally cleared and can start playing next month with his Brazilian club team, Sesi. He is now going to play as a libero.

Murilo shared the great news on Twitter a few days ago:

In case you’re wondering, the husband of Jaqueline Carvalho was tested positive for a banned substance called “furosemide“.


Diuretics are products that help to eliminate fluid from the body. They cause a loss of water by partially paralyzing water reabsorption, i.e. the rate of urination is elevated. Powerful diuretics can increase the flow of urine to about 6 liters per day.

We’re glad that this is finally over and he can resume his professional career.

Be more careful next time BB!

A post shared by Murilo Endres (@murilovolei8) on

A post shared by Murilo Endres (@murilovolei8) on

A post shared by Murilo Endres (@murilovolei8) on

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