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Iranian Player Hossein Ghanbari Reunites With Parents

We don’t know much yet about his story but this video featuring Hossein Ghanbari and his parents make us smile and get all teary eyed. It’s one of those volleyball moments that really makes you happy and emotional.

The video below shows Hossein being reunited with his parents after more than 2 years of not seeing each other. The middle blocker left his country in 2015 as a refugee and eventually found a volleyball club team – Abiant Lycurgus Volleybal – in The Netherlands.

Aside from competing in the Dutch League, Hossein and his team are also playing in the Champions League.

A post shared by Hossein Ghanbari (@hossein.13h) on

A post shared by Hossein Ghanbari (@hossein.13h) on

Family is LOVE.

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