Matey & Santos’ Lightning Spikes


matey kaziyski 2 Matey & Santos Lightning Spikes

Bulgarian outside hitter and one of the world’s best players, Matey Kaziyski, currently owns the world record with the fastest spike ever recorded by a male volleyball player according to an article published in La Gazzetta dello Sport’s weekly magazine SportWeek.

BB hit the ball at 132km/hour which is faster than a water polo throw and a softball pitch.

That’s impressive MK!

As for the women’s side, Cuban setter/hitter and one of the world’s best servers Yanelis Santos owns the current record at 103 km/hr.

5916711524 a6c13680b5 Matey & Santos Lightning Spikes

Who wants to DIG Matey and Santos’ spikes?

Let’s all try!


Congrats on your achievement Matey and Yanelis!


volleyball world record holder matey kaziyski Matey & Santos Lightning Spikes

Disclaimer: The source doesn’t specify which tournament Matey and Yanelis’ achieved their individual records.

(image: C. Scanlon for Santos/ Unknown for Kaziyski/ source: FIVB)

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  1. David says:

    Santos had an amazing serve in Beijing 2008…more recently she has been taking something off and it has not been nearly effective as it was before.

  2. Stanislava says:

    I love you,Matey!!!!!!The whole team was great today!!!BULGARIA ALL THE WAY!!!(rhyme intended) Ace,thanks for the love you give to our guy :D

  3. Sjoerd says:

    Matey is an amazing player! But I think there are players around who hit the ball way harder. like Omrcen, Juantorena, our young russian friend Maxime, Murilo just to name a few. Never the less I think it’s great they finally start measuring the speed in men’s volleyball! LOVE IT!

  4. Alexis says:

    I love you YANELIS.

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