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Cuba 2013 Team Rosters


Each time we talk about Cuba, we get depressed. They used to be the #1 team in the world and now they’re ranked #13.


Let’s face the fact that we will NEVER get to see any other Cuban players like the great Mireya Luis, Yumilka Ruiz, Taismary Aguero, Regla Bell, Magalys Carvajal, Regla Torres and Ana Fernandez. On the other hand, we hope this new breed of Cuban athletes will have what it takes to bring back Cuba’s glorious days in women’s volleyball.

It’d take some time to happen again but it’s possible.

Coach Gala has revealed his roster for the 2013 season. Cuba will be competing in major major tournaments like the NORCECA Continental Championship and FIVB Women’s World Grand Prix.

Cuba will be represented by the following players:

Outside Hitters: Yohana Palacios, Dayami Sanchez and Sulian Matienzo.
Middle Blockers: Rosanna Giel, Daymara Lescay, Heidy Rodriguez, Dairilis Cruz, Alena Rojas
Opposite: Yaremis Mendaro
Setter: Ana Yilian Cleger
Libero: Emily Borrell

As expected no more Carcases, Rachel Sanchez, Yanelis Santos and Gyselle Silva.

It looks like Coach Gala will try the 5-1 offense instead of 6-2 which Cuba is known for.

We hope these girls will represent Cuba at the 2016 Games in Brazil. Failing to compete at the 2012 Olympics was a huge blow and one of the depressing volleyball news ever!

Good luck mijas!

Men’s Team

April 30th, 2013
As expected, Leon and Diaz are no longer part of the Cuban Team.

Check out Coach Samuels’ roster for the 2013 World League:

Setters: Leandro Macias, Lian Sem Estrada
Opposite Hitters: Rolando Cepeda, Yordan Bisset
Outside Hitters: Lazaro Fundora, Abraham Alfonso, Osmani Uriarte
Middle Blockers: Danger Quintana, Isbel Mesa, David Fiel

Since 2008, 2 setters (Hierrezuelo and Diaz), 2 middle blockers (Robertlandy Simon & Camejo), 3 outside hitters (Leon, Leal and Henry Bell) and 2 opposite hitters (Hernandez & Michael Sanchez) have left the Cuban squad.

Cuba lost 9 WORLD CLASS PLAYERS in 5 years excluding the other great athletes who left the team between 2000 and 2007.

Time for a change Cuban Volleyball Officials!


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  1. Did Santos retire from volleyball, or is she taking her 2 years “suspension” before playing overseas?

    And what about Silva? She’s too young to retire in my opinion. Is she also planning to play overseas as well?

    And no more Wilma Salas at the OH position?

    On another note, I will miss the 6-2 system that Cuba has been running over the years. It really made them unique at the international level.

    • for the longest time cuba using the 6-2 combination and too bad to them the absence of santos i think they will struggle for the tournament.

      • Santos has been the key player for the Cubans for the past several years. Without her setting/hitting power, they have no choice but to go back to 5-1. It’s a shame because Cleger is a powerful spiker in her own rights, but she won’t be able to help the team offensively now.

        And they were surely miss the serves of Santos, by far the best server in the women’s game to date.

  2. The cuban government should change their agreement between their players and their government, they should allowed their players to play overseas .

  3. Hey!! Let’s face it!!!! Now the Caribbean Queens are the Dominicans. Allow the Europeans to meet the new leaders of the female volleyball in the Caribbean. The past is past.

  4. i guess as long as cuba does not put their best talent on the court the Dominicans will keep beating their ass – i would love to see Rosir Calderon and Nancy Carrillo back in the Cuban team – but the Domicans do have in Brenda Castillo one of the best libero’s if not the best in the world …

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