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The 2012 Olympic Medals

london 2012 Olympic medals

Who wants one?

The 2012 Olympics in London is a year away from now. One of the major revelations and celebrations on this special day is the unveiling of the Olympic Medals. The event took place at Trafalgar Square attended by Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal and London 2012 Organizing Committee Chair Seb Coe.

The medals every athlete dreams of are designed by British artist David Watkins – an established artist in the field of decorative art.

According to this article:

“The medals’ circular form is a metaphor for the world. The front of the medal always depicts the same imagery at the summer Games – the Greek Goddess of Victory, Nike, stepping out of the depiction of the Parthenon to arrive in the Host City.

The design for the reverse features five symbolic elements:

  • The curved background implies a bowl similar to the design of an amphitheatre.
  • The core emblem is an architectural expression, a metaphor for the modern City, and is deliberately jewel-like.
  • The grid suggests both a pulling together and a sense of outreach – an image of radiating energy that represents the athletes’ efforts.
  • The River Thames in the background is a symbol for London and also suggests a fluttering baroque ribbon, adding a sense of celebration.
  • The square is the final balancing motif of the design, opposing the overall circularity of the design, emphasising its focus on the centre and reinforcing the sense of ‘place’ as in a map inset.

Seb Coe, LOCOG Chair, stated some inspirational words about the Olympic medals saying “I hope that seeing the design of the London 2012 Olympic medals will be a source of inspiration for the thousands of athletes around the world who are counting down the year before they compete at the greatest show on earth. All of our preparations are focused on ensuring the athletes are at the heart of the Games, and I believe that through this rigorous process the panel of experts have selected an artist and a design for medals that all athletes would be proud to own.”

The British designer could not contain his excitement about designing the medals. “It is exciting to think that the finest athletes in the world will be wearing my medal design next summer. Its key symbols juxtapose, front and back, the goddess Nike for the spirit and tradition of the Games, and the River Thames for the city of London. I hope the medal will be enjoyed and treasured as a record of great personal achievements in 2012.” according to David.

Well David, if you have an extra one you know where to send it. LOL!

On the other hand, we also found the official beach volleyball 2012 Olympics stamp.

Thoughts on this one?

We could hardly believe it’s just a year away.

Athletes from all over the world are in full preparation and in complete training mode to make their Olympic dreams come true. The determination they have in their hearts will hopefully lead them to Olympic glory and grant them an Olympic medal.

We’d like to thank and congratulate the London Olympic committee and all the personnel involved for the hard work and effort.

We can’t wait to be in London!

Are you going to the Olympics next year?

(images: London 2012)

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