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Alexey Spiridonov Attacks Poland On Social Media

It’s pretty obvious that the former Russian national team player, Alexey Spiridonov, has NO LOVE for Poland.

After Poland lost to Slovenia in the playoff match of the ongoing European Champs, Spiridonov mocked Poland with his “middle finger” glued on his screen and pointing on the score.

To our surprise, Slovenian players Mitja Gasparini and Dejan Vinčič “LIKE” the post together with Russian legend Sergey Tetyukhin and 2016 Olympic Champion from Brazil Mauricio Borges.

Jak się masz? 🇵🇱Kocham👄

A post shared by Alexey Spiridonov (@spirik15) on

On Twitter, 2004 Olympic champion and Brazilian legend Gustavo Endres called him out and told him to stop being mean.

After being attacked by many Polish fans, he shared 2 more posts and bragged that he was once a European Champion. To add more fuel to the fire, he was grabbing his balls in one of the pics.

Польше привет ✋️

A post shared by Alexey Spiridonov (@spirik15) on

Польша, так выглядят чемпионы Европы 🤗

A post shared by Alexey Spiridonov (@spirik15) on

Don’t mess with Polish Fans Alexey!

You may get a taste of your own medicine one day.

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