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Poland Honors Brazil’s Giba


With all that he’s done for volleyball, Giba truly deserves this honor.

The other recipient of the Volleyball Hall Of Fame Award is Italy’s Andrea Zorzi.


After a break of one year, the very special Volleyball Hall of Fame created in the Polish city of Milicz will re-open its doors to welcome a couple of more glorious inductees, namely Italy’s Volleyball superstar Andrea Zorzi and Brazil’s Volleyball legend and triple world champion Giba who will leave their handprints next to those of other superstars of the sport.

The “Hall of Fame” was opened back in 2003 to create a place where sports leaders as well as the best Volleyball players could leave their handprints. The idea came from Jury President Maciej Jarosz and three more members of a special selection panel, Wladyslaw Palaszewski, Slawomir Jachimowski and Miroslaw Wachowiak. Back in 2003 the official opening of the Hall of Fame was accompanied by two friendly matches starring Galaxie CZESTOCHOWA vs. Gwardia WROCLAW and the so-called “Wagner’s Eagles” playing the “Golden Guard Team”.

This year’s celebrations are scheduled for May 24-25 with Poland’s national team playing a couple of friendly matches with Serbia to finalize their preparations for the start of the 2013 FIVB World League. However, before this action takes place, some glorious names in the history of the sport will leave their handprints in the city center of Milicz. Three time world champion and 2004 Olympic gold medalist Gilberto Amauri de Godoy Filho aka Giba and 1990 world champion/triple European champion (1989, 1993 and 1995) Andrea Zorzi will be inducted into the Hall of Fame.

The ceremony will be attended also by Serbia’s Volleyball legends Vladimir and Nikola Grbic as well as by Wojciech Drzyzga and Krystyna Wlecial who collected many caps with Poland’s national teams on the international stage.

The Jury of the Hall of Fame and the Mayor of Milicz Pawel Wybierala have also decided to take this opportunity to pay their tribute – posthumously – to Arkadiusz Golas, one of Poland’s most promising Volleyball players of his generation who tragically passed away in a car accident back on September 16, 2005, in a car accident in Austria at the age of 24. Moreover, FIVB President Dr. Ary S. Graça F° will be there accompanied by the President of the Polish Volleyball Federation, Mr. Miroslaw Przedpelski, to also leave his handprints on that unique “Volleyball alley”.

The list of inductees already includes: Edward Skorek, Tomasz Wojtowicz, Ryszard Bosek, Wladyslaw Palaszewski, Hubert Wagner, Marek Karbarz, Stanislaw Gosciniak, Wlodzimierz Sadalski, Zbigniew Zarzycki, Wieslaw Gawlowski, Miroslaw Rybaczewski, Wlodzimierz Stefanski, Jozef Wolyniec, Wieslaw Czaja, Andrzej Niemczyk, Malgorzata Glinka, Yuri Chesnokov (URS), Bronislaw Bebel, Halina Aszkielowicz-Wojno, Dorota Swieniewicz, Maciej Jarosz, Piotr Gruszka, Raul Lozano (ARG), Katarzyna Skowronska-Dolata, Mariola Zenik, Miroslaw Przedpelski, Mariusz Wlazly, Pawel Zagumny, Maria Liktoras, PLUS – Polkomtel S.A.

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Brazil’s Giba deserves this honor. Thank you Giba for the precious volleyball memories you’ve shared to us. Forever in our ♥, you are HOT LEGEND!

(images: FIVB)


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  1. Medalha de ouro no Mundial Infanto-Juvenil em 93 na Turquia
    Mundial da Juventude 95 (seleção juvenil)
    Copa do Mundo dos Campeões do Japão 97
    Sul-americano 95, 97, 99, 2000 e 2001
    Copa América 98, 99 e 2001
    Medalha de ouro na Liga Mundial de 2001
    Torneio Consorzio Metano di Vallecamonica 2001
    Torneio Sei Nazioni 2002
    Medalha de ouro no Campeonato Mundial 2002
    Medalha de ouro na Liga Mundial 2003
    Medalha de ouro na Copa do Mundo 2003
    Medalha de ouro nas Olimpíadas de Atenas 2004 (MVP das Olimpíadas)
    Medalha de ouro na Liga Mundial 2004
    Medalha de ouro na Liga Mundial 2005
    Troféu Pala em Caraguatatuba 2011
    Medalha de ouro no Campeonato Sul-Americano 2005
    Medalha de ouro na Copa dos Campeões 2005
    Medalha de ouro na Liga Mundial 2006 (MVP da Liga Mundial)
    Medalha de ouro no Campeonato Mundial 2006 (MVP do Campeonato Mundial)
    Medalha de ouro na Liga Mundial 2007
    Medalha de ouro nos Jogos Pan-americanos do Rio de Janeiro 2007
    Medalha de ouro na Copa do Mundo 2007 (MVP da Copa do Mundo)
    Medalha de ouro na Liga Mundial 2009
    Copa do Mundo dos Campeões do Japão 2009
    Medalha de ouro na Liga Mundial Cordoba-Argentina 2010
    Medalha de ouro no Torneio Hubert Jerzeg Wagner Polônia 2010
    Medalha de ouro no Campeonato Mundial 2010
    Medalha de prata nas Olimpíadas de Londres 2012.

    Depois de tudo isso nada mais justo !!

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