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FIVB Investigates SRB-JPN Match


May 29th Update:

So the FIVB conducted an investigation & found NO EVIDENCE of “match fixing” and even released a statement (please read below). Now. JVA or Japanese Volleyball Association has released its own statement to defend their integrity:

“We have submitted a DVD and a report to the FIVB. The allegation is unfounded. As a matter of course, Japan wanted to win this match. The defeat has not given Japan any advantage in the Olympics.”JVA spokesperson.

Across the pond, Thailand’s head coach Kiattipong Radchatagriengkai spoke with the Thai daily Nation and this is what he said:

“We watched the match and we all realised there was something wrong with the Japan team. They played below their standard,” he was quoted as saying. “However, I don’t want to say out loud what happened, but I think anyone watching could see it. My team did their best in this tournament and I’m proud of them.”

With all parties involved finally speaking about the issue, we hope everyone can start moving forward.



If there was nothing fishy between the World Olympic Qualification match between Serbia and Japan which resulted to 3-2 and both teams advancing to the 2012 Olympics and at the same time shattered Thailand’s Olympic dreams , then why would the FIVB conduct an investigation?

Something doesn’t seem right.

Here’s the official statement released by the FIVB on its website:

Following the conclusion of the joint World and Asia Olympic Qualification Tournament in Tokyo, Japan on Sunday and an alleged controversy concerning the final match between Japan and Serbia, the FIVB President Jizhong Wei issued the following statement.

The FIVB has investigated the allegation of match fixing. The conclusion of the FIVB control committee in place is that there is no evidence to prove the existence of match fixing. The reports received from the national federations of Japan and Serbia told us the same. Some witnesses in attendance at the match gave the same judgement.

A combination of circumstances, competition system and the final situation before this last match may open up the suggestion of match fixing.

The FIVB has already decided to revise the competition system of its future Olympic qualification tournaments in order to reduce even further the possibility of any manipulation.

The FIVB stands firmly against doping, match fixing and illegal betting in sport as required by the IOC

The FIVB thanks the press to remind us of possible match fixing and welcomes the supervision of all irregularities in FIVB competitions as well as the constructive suggestion of those which have been sent to the FIVB President.

Click HERE to watch the Serbiva vs Japan match

So if the FIVB finds out that the match was indeed fixed, what would happen then? We have a feeling both teams will be suspended and disqualified from the London Olympics. Then it would totally cause some major major drama in the Volleyball World.


Do you THINK Serbia & Japan are GUILTY of MATCH FIXING or not? Speak Up!

Do you THINK Serbia & Japan are GUILTY of MATCH FIXING or not? Speak Up!

Do you THINK Serbia & Japan are GUILTY of MATCH FIXING or not? Speak Up!

(images: FIVB)

Disclaimer: When content falls under “Official Press Statement,” this means that the material is fully and directly from the company itself. The use of open-and-close quotation marks to envelope the entire text shows as much. This also means that is not the author of the statement being read. is simply providing the information for readers who may be interested.


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    • ahahahahahaha!Many Chinese fans think so,If they run for the Oscar, huge ballots will come from china.

    • Best actress ever in the Universe Japan, Shameless on you and no spirit at all. I wish you will always exhaust in set 5 as your excuses. And lose in every time you play in set 5.
      Your dignity , spirit and honor of your team has gone once you pretended to lose on that match.

  1. Bad planning from the outset to organise a tournament that does not have all of the final ties played simultaneously to stop this from happening, this kind of thing is always likely to result from such a schedule. Football learnt this lesson many years ago, why not other rsports?

  2. 4th set. Japan was leading and nearly won. 5th set, Serbia made 5 attacks and got 10 errors from Japan?!?! Can you believe that?

      • oh the infamous 24-19? it has nothing to do with this. brazil simply clamped shut, nerves and all. at least they really TRIED to close the set. sokolova was just unstoppable at the outside. end of story

        but in this match? ebata and tekashita (especially HER) missing their serves at the 4th and 5th set in the EXACT way? at least if they are trying to lose on purpose, diversify the kinds of errors you commit! lol

        • I know, and I agree that there’s something not right! The only result that could prevent Thailand from going to the Olympics happened.

  3. Interesting statement. Even though FIVB says it doesn’t find anything fishy, the statement itself has already made Japan & Serbia looks bad, doesn’t it? Japanese setter did not attend the conference after match. Was she really tired?

    Fair play.

  4. hmmm. if this is true, it will be very unfair to Thais. honestly, I really love to see Thailand in the Olympics. It would have been very great to have another Asian team to play. tsk tsk.

  5. why is it that the deciding set of the games bet japan and serbia is now can not be viewed? i just what to check it.

  6. i mean i just want to watch or check it. anyway in the ballgames anything can happened. if you cannot sleep at night maybe their is something wrong happned. only you knew it.

  7. Okay, everybody calm down. Why would Japan do that? Don’t you think having Thailand in the OG be a bigger advantage to themselves than Serbia? I mean, Japan can take Thailand down so easily and if they have a choice to pick from Serbia/Thailand, don’t you think they will just pick Thailand purely for the reason that the Thai are weaker?

    • Japan did not want to take the risk. Serbia have beaten Japan before, and if Serbia did it again, Japan will fell short of Olympic. To play safe, Japan might agree to let Serbia win but only by 3-2, the only score that sent both teams to Olympic. So, this replies to your question: why Japan should do that.

  8. Of course it was a fixed result game. Japan, leading by 4 points in the 4th set, 6 points away from victory, and then Serbia getting 6 points? Japan beat Thailand 3-0, Thailand beat Serbia 3-0, so Japan should have KILLED Serbia! And really? every time the japanese got the ball, they served it out of the court? And at one point, Serbia got 7 points straight and the Japanese coach did not call a time out. They should be disqualified, and the Thais should get to go to Olympics. They’ve worked so hard just to have their dreams shattered because of cheating.

  9. Serbia is European champion and Japan is the finest volleyball team in Asia. Both teams deserve their ticket to the Olympics, and I wish them the best of luck!

        • JAPAN is ONE OF THE FINEST volleyball team in Asia, just after China but better than THAI very much. Thai tried very much to get a ticket to London, but their level is not enough

          • @cosmeticguy:that is a success in one match. In World Cup 2011, JPN won BRA 3-0, won USA 3-0; but lost SER 0-3 . What do you think about this?

          • It doesn’t matter who beats who in what match. All that mattered was if Japan intentionally lost to Serbia, that’s all. Teams have to earn the ticket to the Olympics fair and square, not according to your opinion or mine about who’s better.

  10. japan can win but they had already settle the group in olympic then they avoid the big team , the fact will come out when olympic start, wait and see the japanese way, if i am right.

    • right, because if they win serbi 3-0 or 3-1, they will be in group B in OLYm with BRA, USA, CHINA, KOREA and TURKEY

  11. it’s fuckin awful japanese valleyball. i haven’t really really though it should be happen in the quite big match like this

  12. No evidence of match fixing? That’s fine.

    But Japan should study “What is spirit?” again

    “Spirit” Can you spell that?

  13. They are not guilty

    Japan and Serbia both deserves to be in the Olympic Games.

    The problem is the FIVB system

    They should have made a Asian Qualification and them another World Qualification.

    Is not fair having the first 3 and then the best ranked asian…

    If they did fix the game…Im glad they did
    ANd I hope Japan make to the semi-finals in the OG.

  14. In my opinion, the whole match was a drama. I mean, look at that, Japan started well with weak opponents like Chinese Taipei, Peru but their shape was getting worse and worse. They lost to Korea 1-3, they had to use the tiebreak to win over Cuba, which team was easily beaten by Korea, Russia and Serbia 3-0, and they was beaten by Russia in straight sets. And Serbia, they started badly but they were getting better and better. They won over Korea 3-1 and Cuba 3-0 and was the only team to win a set against Russia. With all that things,I think Serbia could easily beaten Japan 3-0 or 3-1. The whole match was a drama. There were 6 results that could happen but the only result that prevented Thailand from going to the Olympics happened. Not only the 4th & 5th set, it was the whole match!

    • On the last day, there were 2 matches that would decide the fate of the Thai team. However, only one match was under the control of Thai team. Regardless of how best the Thai ladies performed, they still needed help from either Japan or Serbia. Unfortunately, both teams decided to help each other.

      In the first match, Thai team managed to secure 3 points from Cuba by winning 3-1. Now, they had to wait for the result of the second match between Japan and Serbia. However, Thai ladies had a very good reason to be optimistic.

      If Japan won by 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2, Serbia would fail to make the top 3 and Thailand would make it as the best Asian team.

      If Serbia won by 3-0 or 3-1, Japan would drop out with 1 point less than Thailand, so Thailand would be the best Asia team.

      Out of all the 6 possible scores, only the case where Japan lost to Serbia by a score 2-3, would kill Thailand’s chance. This is because Japan would add 1 more point from losing 2-3 and replaced Thailand as the best Asia because of the better set ratio.

        • Not only their capability is not good enough but also their spirit in the game is even worst for this Japanese team. Shameless team in the world who won the Oscar this year.

  15. i think the way also made the scheduling of games. maybe it’s for the marketing purposes- which mean to make a good sales of tickets – remember japan is the host country of the Olympic Qualification Game-.
    So the Probability of winning is much bigger, just my opinion. At the end of the day it’s the FIVB’s Committee to decide.

  16. If you can see the way also in scheduling the games in World Grand Prix or World Cup- it was always Japan in the last Games in order to create a big amount of sales in tickets. But it is always said IN FILIPINO sayings – BILOG ANG BOLA- which means no one can really predict who will win- anything can happen in the time of playing in the court. A big disappointment will be realised after the games… What really happened is sometimes unexplainable!!!

    • in the world cup, they upsetted the germany team which has no replay for the last ball of 5th set
      now they serve error, they sudden lose their receiving and even their spiking was not useful
      even the setter takeshita did not save some ball
      unbelievable my japan
      out of soul ?

  17. i have nothing to say except the japanese team will never get a medal in the olympic because of their lack of spirit

  18. OMG!! i’m confused! i don’t really want to think that match was a drama! i really like Japan but if it’s true, dang! you guys are so bad. i’m trying to think Japan’s exhaustion and disappointment on Korea and Russia match led them to lose over Serbia. That Serbia match, they really played below their capabilities.

  19. One of the thai staffs said in a show that the manager of japanese team came to present an excuse to thai Head Coach about the match. She (the manager) said that japanese team had to lose on purpose so that the team could be in pool A in Olympics.

    • So you believe the TV show? Let’s not be cry babies, it’s getting sickening; using derogatory language full of hatred about Japan or any other nation is not the way to go. Thai team is a good team, but this time they were simply out of luck.

      • And the Japanese team was a good team but lots of us volleyball fans had the reason to believe what we thought they did. You can’t reverse that impression by simply boasting about how great you think the team is, because it’s NOT without the spirit of fair play.

      • I believe what the coach said in TV show. But I don’t believe what the japanese manager told him. I personnally think the lose on purpose to avoid tough pool in Olympics is just a lie because it is understandable in World of Sport. I even believe that the match was fixed between Japan and Serbia because both of team are afraid to be disqualified.

  20. If you made for pool a in Olympics game made Thailand can go.I sad for this game . Why you doing that.First time Thailand can go to Olympic but you no spirit in game made Thailand so sad very much.See you later.

  21. Japan team was my IDOL. Now they are just an IDIOT.

    We won’t regret if they played at their utmost level and efforts but still lost. I was a big fan of the team, i know how they play. Before the dirty Match every Thais gave their Heart to Japan though they had choice to cheer Serbia but as we lovedJapanese so much for their team spirit, we cheered for Japan without knowing our Idol would do dirty play. I hope you play in OP like how you played with Serbia. Coward. You are finished, Japan.

      • I did not mean it that way. How the team play is as a team but it was everyone or not, we never know. You have a choice to believe in anyway.

        I do Not have authority too but that is what i say i have a choice to believe.

  22. Thai players cried after their suspicion became real.

    Just to show how disappointed the Thai players were, after watching the Japan-Serbia match, please consider this.

    On the last day, there were 2 matches that would decide the fate of the Thai team. However, only one match was under the control of Thai team. Regardless of how best the Thai ladies performed, they still needed help from either Japan or Serbia. Unfortunately, both teams decided to help each other.

    In the first match, Thai team managed to secure 3 points from Cuba by winning 3-1.

    Now, they had to wait for the result of the second match between Japan and Serbia. However, Thai ladies had a very good reason to be optimistic.

    If Japan won by 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2, Serbia would fail to make the top 3 and Thailand would make it as the best Asian team.

    If Serbia won by 3-0 or 3-1, Japan would drop out with 1 point less than Thailand, so Thailand would be the best Asia team.

    Out of all the 6 possible scores, only the case where Japan lost to Serbia by a score 2-3, would kill Thailand’s chance. This is because Japan would add 1 more point from losing 2-3 and replaced Thailand as the best Asia because of the better set ratio.

    So now one should understand why the Thai ladies cried after their suspicion became real.

  23. Its illogical and doesn’t make sense from FIVB Invesiticgation, FIVB stated that “…..The conclusion of the FIVB control committee in place is that there is no evidence to prove the existence of match fixing. The reports received from the national federations of Japan and Serbia told us the same….”, look likes as if FIVB asks thife whether he is a thife. He won’t tell you that he is a thife.

    • OK, Mark, talking about logic, just because Thai team lost, and the result of the Serbia-Japan match wasn’t beneficial to its advancement to the Olympics, the whole world now “has to” believe the losers? They are in right? To fight off disappointment, this whole blame had to be fabricated, if you ask me…My respect goes to the Thai players but not to the management.

      • Stupid bias Horonaka. That fixed match said to the whole world. Are you blind?????? Go back to your lack spirit land…

        • Excuse me? What makes you think I am Japanese? Also, I don’t recall insulting you. You take the liberty to call me stupid just because I have my opinion…It says it all.

          • Are you sure it’s just because of your opinion? We don’t need to believe the losers for that obviously fixed match Hosonaka. But if you are not blind you will see Japanese players didn’t play with any spirit AT ALL. Clearly, their standard performance in every single match is definitely much stronger and better than that. What happen to them in the late 4th set and 5th set that day in your opinion? They said after the match that they were exhausted from the games. Do you actually believe them because they were not the loser? I am clearly not to support this shameless team for any competition from now on. Bad luck to this Japanese team forever.

      • Thai people don’t blame japan for the 2-3 result. This result may make us just disappointed if it occurs in a normal fair play. But the sadness and worldwide blame comes from the fact that it’s so obvious that the match was fixed. We would not have blamed anyone if the players of both teams just had done it subtly so that they can make everyone believe. But what volleyball fans saw was something strange from both teams especially Takeshita, Saori, Araki during 4th and 5th set. You must accept that they are volleyball players and not actresses. Their actings are just failed. It’s just too obvious this time.

    • I support you, Mark. That was not making any sense at all for such a dumb investigation from FIVB!!! However, it’s really amazing there is at least one JP volleyball fan in this web who is blind and trying to beat people who against her bias opinion. Shame on her!!

  24. Nena Hosonaka, Please do not look down any Thai National Team. Your jp name shows you are in bias to your country of course!!! Look, the fact fixed match said to the whole world definitely. We are not talking about who (in the past) has got the very good team like your suck lacking of spirit country in this match, we instead are talking about SPIRIT. Do you know the meaning of that???? Stop showing your mental disorder.

    • OK, Kitty, the last thing from me. I have never looked down on Thai national team, or any other team for that matter. I do think they have fine players. I just don’t like they way you are assuming things. And as for my name, I doubt you’ll find any Japanese called Nena. In the same vein, “Kitty” sounds like a name from an English speaking country. Are you American then? Probably not. This is the end of my discussion. Have a nice day.

      • Nena Hosonaka, WHO SAID THIS >…….
        Thai didn’t do their best, they lost Korea and Japan plus they let Cuba won 1 game in their final match and rose difficulties for themselves. They put their chance on someone else’s side. I dont care if Japan did “act” or not, but you Thai should not blame others for your own mistake. You didn’t make it, then accept the fact that you must try harder, not passing the buck to Japan
        You Thai keep saying Japan had no spirit, so what is Thai’s spirit? Is barking your spirit? Then keep on your spirit””

        Is that yours??? Hosonaka is family name in Japanese language if I am not wrong. You are what you say…

        • Nena, you dont know what spirit is?
          Thai team should have done better so they need not to depend on other results. Agree on this. But, spirit in playing is another thing. U dont know what spirit is then probably there is no such thing in ur country. It is Not barking, okay?


  26. No problem! If we consider separately that WOQT of FIVB and COQT of AVC, Thailand should’t go to London clearly!!
    Thailand did not have enough potential, has it all. Blind spot of the system, which gave hope to Thailand! ! FIVB says that, next time will change the system, Its meaning For the 3-position of AVC does not expect the Lucky. Thailand is ranked fourth in the AVC! !

    • It’s a problem Hubert!!! If we consider separately that OG, the game for spirit of the world. Which team on earth should be qualified? The OG is a game for people who play sports with spirit. FIVB obviously has been seen as a F__KING IDIOT VB Organisation which always supports some nations as we know exactly. It’s the fact that NO MONEY from JP, no FIVB. However, we don’t need to blame the blind spot of the system because it’s the fact that again no any perfect system in this world anyway. If you say ranked 4th in the AVC for Thailand will not be lucky anymore, what’s the f__k ranked 6th of the world and Europe champion for Serbia easily being lost 0-3 to the ranked 4th of AVC in WOQT recently??? Do you think the Thai are very lucky in that match? Please open your eyes to the real world and you will see that no one can be the best or worst forever. Ranking is not the answer of everything!!! Today they have just won some weaker team, tomorrow they can be beaten by another weaker team also, who know??? At the end of the day please don’t think Europe is the central of universe!!!

    • What a Surprise? Thailand Beat both Japan and Serbia in FIVB World Granprix 2012. Are we good enough for Olympic game then?

      Stop bias and don’t look down for the ranked 4th in the AVC.

      • Äh ha, never underestimate asian team with short players. There is always tactics which of course come from practicing hard. They ended 4th place in WGP this year. Did that tell something?

    • Do you know?…Japanese team destroy the reputation of they own already.And fans around the world,very disappointed with Japanese team.

      • I do agree with you Andy. Look, still there are some blind volleyball fans around us and they never even realise what Japanese team had done. I never hate Japanese team if they didn’t destroy their own reputation like this. I suppose I will never forget this shameless team forever. Whatever tournament this Japanese team will attend, I besides not to support but also I will against them.

        • No. I still love the people, foods, and their neat country. Just this game, it ruined what i have thought about their volleyball.

  27. Wow!! reading all these comments. Some are really fair, like Gibson and W.Z. Kitty is trying to show the facts while Hosonaka seems so ‘ism’ about her/his favourite. My view is that if the ‘despirited’ is once planted in their hearts, they will never raise with spirits again.
    Watch the karma!

  28. I thought all volleyball lovers can notice that what Japan team done,I feel sorry for Thai team,I seen them work hard with good spirit.

  29. dear japan volleyball,
    not to worry, thai volleyball fans are taught to be forgiving. So, we shall be friends again, next life in the late late really really late afternoon.

  30. Even if thailand did qualify then what? they would have to compete against teams like russia, italy, usa, Brazil etc; how far do you actually think they would’ve made it?? Honestly?! Japan has looked alilttle shaky but they’re still among the world’s elite 5 and have a better fighting chance than thailand. And Thailand is ranked 3rd in AVC, soooo? who are they beating out kazhakstan who’s ranked #27 in the world? chinese taipei who are ranked #28? League rankings mean nothing when it come’s to fivb world competitions and most importatntly the olympics. so bottom line if Thailand did qualify it would’ve just been a free match for most of the teams in the olympics but now with japan in it makes it alittle more intense. so stop complaining!

    • How do you know the Thais won’t make it if you won’t even give them a chance? And for your information, for some people, just being able to play in the Olympics is already a dream come true. Winning or not, that’s another story. I’m 14 years’ old and my PE teacher always tells me that what matters the most is that you love to do it and I respect the Thai team because they always show they love to play matter they win or lose, they always have smiles on their faces.

        • You are talking about Olympics qualification, it is over, London is already finished …
          And the best team won again, again, again… Brazil 2 times consecutive Olympics gold medal. And the next Olympics gonna be here !!! It is gonna be awesome get the gold at home this time.
          Brazil rocks !!!

        • The Serbian team finished as 12, because 8 girls from first team did not even go to the Olimpic, and 4 players including Jovana Brakocevic, Maja Ognjenovic and Natasa Krsmanovic who was in London was injured. So, they play with 3 team. A think that says it all, unfortunately.

  31. JPN got the bronze. YEAH. JPN didn’t fixed the OQT. They did their best. It is hard for JPN to win games in OQT it is because they don’t have ai otomo or kaori inoue. They don’t have one great middle hitter. So shut the hell up guys. just accept the fact that JPN did their best. It is true that JPN always lost to serbia in like 3-0, or 3-1 in other tournament. But it would not always be like that. they also defeated serbia in 3-0 or 3-1 even though it is rare. Even if JPN win over serbia in OQT, they would still be in Pool A, since they rank 3rd by FIVB. and the FIVB is using the serpentine system. They did their best. They really did.

  32. Haters gonna hate, Japan Women got Bronze, and Hater’s nation got none.
    So what is LACKING OF SPIRIT or CHEATER actually mean to Japan Women Team?
    In every game, we have tactics and strategies to win/lose, but when we look under the general aspects, we must achieve something that we look for. In term of Japan, they may easily win 3-0 in the OQG, but they prefer to lose 2-3 to Serbia, just to make sure that they got a spot and so what ever their tactics are. If “THE TEAM THAT WE KNOW WHICH TEAM” has the opportunity to choose, they would do the same or will be a SAVER FOR THE OTHER TEAM?
    I am Vietnamese and I do not prefer Thai, Japan, China or Korea, but at least I know that if Vietnam has a chance to be in Olympics, we have to secure what we want, instead of saying bad things about other nations. In sport, we would do our best, but our best may not mean that we have the medals!

    So please “THE OTHER NATION” should stop complaining about the result of this match or bombarding the Japan Women Team’s Bronze Medal and focus on support the other nation so they could be at the Olympics 2016!!!

    • So you agree what Japan did was a right thing to do? To secure their spot even they had to cheat. That was disgraceful and shameful. Believe me…with an attitude like that, I don’t think you will live long enough to see Vietnam has a chance to be in Olympics..NEVER!!!!
      By the way, educate yourself about SPORTSMANSHIP and PLAY FAIR.

    • @ Trung Nguyen

      That’s the most pathetic comment I’ve ever read. So you think cheating is acceptable in sport? Damn! you must be a really big cheater. Shame on you , LOSER!!!!

    • wow this is unbelievable…. but oh well vietnam never gets to win anything on the world podium so someone needs something to be proud of…

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