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President Putin Honors Russia

If only the women’s team achieved a medal in London. Sad.

Anyways, guess what?

As soon as Coach Alekno, Maxim Mikhaylov, Yuri Berezhko and Team Russia aka 2012 Olympic Champions returned to their motherland, they were welcomed by fans, press and loved ones at the airport.

The celebration didn’t stop at the airport, the entire team and coaching staff were also invited to meet and greet President Vladimir Putin. While he might have delivered a long congratulatory speech during the occasion, President Putin unveiled his presents for the Olympic Champions and other Russian Olympic medalists.

Source says:

“Russia’s Gold Medal men’s volleyball team received Audi A8’s for every player. Other Olympians received cars as well with Silver getting Audi A7’s and Bronze winners getting Audi A6’s.”

The best part would have to be President Putin giving the keys in person.

What A Moment!

The other part we’re waiting is for Maxim Mikhaylov to give us a call and invite us to ride in his new Audi A8. Hah! We kid! We kid!

Anyways, here are some pics:

Mikhaylov’s New Audi A8

We have a feeling Maxim is trying to call Murilo and Team Brazil to let them know about his new wheels plus the reported 200,000 Russian Rubles prize money. Hah! We kid! We kid!

On a serious note, we wonder what the Brazilians received from their government after winning their second consecutive Olympic medal. Hmmmmm…

Click HERE to view more pics!


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  1. Brazil NT 2 times silver received the same of USA NT twice loser in finals..hahaha Good bye Hooker!

  2. putting dimitry muserskiy as opposite hitter against the finals vs brazil in the 3rd set was the greatest tactic i had ever seen on men’s volleyball coaching. i am so happy that sergey tetyukhin finally won a medal – he played his heart out there together with the rest of the team. i always watch the replay and still couldnt believed how russia managed to win the game – that was a miracle against brazil w/o dennis biryukov.

    if only the russian women’s coach purposely defeated themselves by letting substitute players play against italy so that they face korea on the qtrs and at least a chance for a bronze or silver as the last swan song for artamonova, sokolova and gamova. nikolay karpol with his high ball setting is still the best russian olympic coach – he can put russia on the top 4 in the olympics even if they are ranked low and play for a medal.

    • I totally agree. i watched the gold medal match mens volleyball between Russia and Brazil like 20x already and still can’t get over how Russia beat the arrogant Brazilians… I’m sooooooooooo happy Brazil lost the match and very very proud of the Russian team for winning the golf and being called The Champions 😉

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