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Hui Ruoqi: Asia’s Newest Star!

Hui Ruoqi

Japan has Saori, Korea has Kim Yeon Koung, Thailand has Onuma….

China now has Hui Ruoqi joining the list of young Asian volleyball superstars!

We don’t know much about the 6’2 outside hitter yet but her demeanor on the court reminds us of the ever smiling Sun Yue. The 20 year old has this captivating smile whenever she plays to go with her amazing volleyball skills. She is already a good all around player. With less than a year to go before the Olympics in London, we’re confident to see a stronger Hu to lead her team for another gold medal which China won in 2004.

We followed her match with China throughout the World Cup and emerged as her team’s top scorer and reliable weapon.

After defeating Germany last night to finish 3rd at the World Cup and winning a precious spot at next year’s Olympics, Hui took time to face the FIVB media and shared her thoughts on her team and their journey throughout the quadrennial tournament.

“Before we came here the team condition was not where it should be; our team is young. None of us really thought we could reach the top three to qualify for the Olympics. To participate in this tournament has had great meaning for us and has helped our psychological development. I’d like to extend our gratitude to all the people who have supported us. As well, I want to extend a thank you to the German team for the great match today.”

China’s best World Cup moment?

“The most unforgettable moments were our losses last year, as we had no wins at that time. For me this is my first World Cup, so before every game I tried to prepare in a positive way. The most impressive game in our tournament? Yes it was this one, especially with Germany’s offence and serving, as both were very powerful. We felt great pressure on serve/receive in the face of their attacking. Actually last night I had to contemplate how to go forward today, and I spent most of the night thinking about it. It wasn’t easy to win this game today.”

In case you didn’t know, Hui got injured last year at the 2010 World Grand Prix. She seriously injured her shoulder/arm which kept her from competing at the 2010 World Championship.  China had an awful 2010 and even the year before that. The only victory they achieved was the gold medal at the 2010 Asian Games vs Korea.

Anyways, the video below shows Hui injured herself.

Judging from what happened, who would’ve thought she would lead her team to a top 3 finish at the World Cup. Individually, she ranked as the tourney’s 6th scorer, 11th spiker, 18th blocker, 21st digger & 4th receiver. Great performance indeed!

We wish Hui and Team China the BEST!


Our friend John has this to share about Hui.

A few major points about her. She was a good student with top grades in a prestigious high school in Nanjing before deciding to pursue pro vb professionally; she’s from a relatively wealthy family and her father is a successful business man; she has a younger sister. She has to be one of the most intelligent vb players in china. Typically, pro athletes on china are not good at studying or they don’t like studying at school. Hui is obviously an exception. Vb is an intelligent game for smart people. With her intelligence, Hui has a bright future.

Because of her potential for growth, Hui entered the senior team of Jiangsu as a teenager. She trained alongside Sun Yue and learned from her. She has become the new sensation in china including Hong Kong and Macau, where she has many followers. Her rehab process from last years injury was painful. She endured so much because in china physical rehab is not as good as in the US. Shes always passionate and loud on court, and she sweats like hell.


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