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ACE & TELL: Filippo Lanza Deserved An Award

First and foremost, Brazil’s Lucarelli and Iran’s Ebadipour are both deserving to win the Best Outside Hitter awards. However, I strongly feel that Italian player Filippo Lanza deserves one. With Lucarelli also winning the MVP Award, I wish they have given his Best Outside Hitter award to Lanza.

Based on stats, Lipo should’ve been on that All Star Team podium:

3rd Best Scorer
6th Best Spiker
6th Best Digger
9th Best Receiver
20th Best Server
20th Best Blocker

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Lucarelli’s stats:

3rd Best Spiker
7th Best Digger
8th Best Scorer
8th Best Server
25th Best Blocker
N/A Best Receiver

Ebadipour’s stats:

4th Best Receiver
5th Best Server
7th Best Scorer
9th Best Spiker
24th Best Digger
27th Best Blocker

I am not quite sure on the criteria used to determine the All Star Team but I just feel that Lanza was robbed of an award.

Throughout the tournament, Lanza was consistent, the team’s go-to player and provided the leadership in the absence of Italy’s 2 biggest stars, Zaytsev and Juantorena.

Lipo, you are my Best Outside Hitter!!!

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