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VIDEO: Kurek’s Injury

bartosz kurek volleyball 2

November 15th, 2012

Now we know why Kurek did NOT play last night!

Just when we thought he has recovered and can finally return to the court but SADLY Kurek’s suffers a major major major setback in his recovery from an ankly injury. Prior to Dinamo Moscow’s match versus Skra Belchatow, he and the team coach have released the following statements:

“I was hoping that Bartosz could join the match but this is simply not possible. We need to take care of his health.” -Dinamo head coach Yuri Cherednik.

As for Bartek, who will miss the match between his new team Dinamo Moscow and former club team Skra Belchatow in the third round of the Champions League:

“I really wanted to play but could not pass the test demanded by my coach. I had to accept this is reality and will be watching the match from the stands. I spent four great years with this club (Skra Belchatow) and definitely regret that I can’t play tonight. However, I still think this is a wise decision. I will support my team from the stands and hope both Skra and Dinamo will make it to the Playoffs 12” -Bartosz Kurek

He and his coach have made a very smart decision in regards to Kurek’s recovery. Also, we’ve heard that tons of fans waited and wanted to see him last Tuesday at the Atlas Arena in Lodz, Poland.

Get well soon BK!

October 29th, 2012

Enough of the injuries we’ve read so far! We finally have a good news to share!

Per Bartek:

“Finally, I have some good news. My foot is much better. I will begin training with the team. Right now I can not play, but in the next few league games I should” Bartosz Kurek said. He will miss this round of Champions League vs Fenerbahce.

In the Champions League, Kurek and his new Russian club team Dinamo Moscow is in the group with his former Polish club team, PGE Skra Belchatow, and Turkey’s Fenerbahce who has Serbian superstar Ivan Miljkovic.

“It will be difficult for us. PGE Skra is not the only strong team. Fenerbahce Istanbul is also strong. Both teams are better then Tomis Constanta. We need to improve your game in all aspects. The next game with Fenerbahce will not be easy.” according to Bartek.

Kurek will play against his former team on November 14.

October 4th, 2012


Our hands shake when we watch this video!

It looks too painful!

The way Kurek grabs the net right after he collides with Gavin Schmitt makes us cringe!

Before you watch the video, we’ve spoken with Gavin and he is really SORRY for the incident. He feels bad to have hurt someone like Kurek.

“It  was a very unfortunate incident. It was just one of those where I was on the line but so was he, so he ended up getting hurt. I still feel bad for the guy. It NEVER feels good when someone gets hurt because of you.”

Gavin also extends his well wishes to Kurek while he recovers which could take 2-3 weeks.

Watch This

Get well soon Bartek and be safe everyone!

Getting injured is NO FUN and NO BUENO!

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