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These Videos Prove That Referees Are NOT Perfect

The videos below will prove that referees and linesmen are only HUMANS which means they make MISTAKES that can lead to questionable to controversial calls.

Sometimes these calls are too painful to take, calls that are heartbreaking especially to the teams we are rooting for and calls that make us PRAY the use of The Video Challenge System.

Take note, even the video challenge makes mistakes.

Watch These:

The Player Obviously Went Under…

We Know Logan Tom Is Guilty. LOL!

Even Technology Makes Mistakes!

This one is just too close.

Coach Kovac went ballistic for a reason.

This too …

Did the shadow of the ball make this ball IN?

When It’s Like The Ref Is Against Your Team.

It can happen anytime and anywhere!

The Linesman Didn’t See This???

When Refs Just Don’t See The OBVIOUS.

Kudos to these tricky players but NOT recommended at all.

How could you miss a play like this?

It Can Happen In THE OLYMPICS!!!

Forward to 1:48:50.

Referee VS Player

Definitely not a scene we’d like to see.

Let’s just move on and play.

When Your Favorite Team Gets ROBBED.

WAS THE BALL IN OR OUT?If you're a FLORIDA GATORS fan, this is probably one of the most PAINFUL calls you have ever…

Posted by VOLLEYWOOD on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

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