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Gumabao & Team PHL


Volleyball is getting BIGGER in the Philippines!

One proof is that some players are featured in the newest TV commercial for Modess, a Johnson & Johnson brand and maker of sanitary pads for women. Take note, the TV ad is shown all over the country which gives the players and the sport a gain in popularity!

Philippine female volleyball stars Michelle Gumabao, Rachel Anne Daquis, Melissa Gohing, Tiu, Maricar Nepomuceno and Pineda. Women are active in the day and also at night. So for the first time Modess combines the day pad and the night pad in the breakthrough Modess Day & Night.

Kabataan, Make Your Move!


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  1. wow.. i love PHL volleyball team, but let’s admit, we cannot match our players with the Brazilians. hehehe

    • Asia would profit a lot with new competitive NTs, like this one. Starting is always hard and they will get beat up A LOT, but that’s the only way. Go, go, Phillipines!

  2. By the way Tiu’s first name is Jeushl Wensh Tiu. She, together with Michele Gumabao and Melissa Gohing are in the same team called DLSU Lady Spikers.

  3. from what i have noticed amongst Philippine UAAP volleyball players. Stephanie Mercado (DLSU) is the only player who can spike as strong and hard like International players, and also Venus Bernal (UST). If given proper training, they can go internationally too.

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