Congrats to Kurek & Team!

What an honor! We’re so proud of everyone!

bartosz kurek Congrats to Kurek & Team!

On behalf of our Volleywood friends from all parts of the world, a big congratulations to Bartosz Kurek for being named as one of Poland’s Top Athletes of 2011 and also to the men’s volleyball team for winning as Best Team of 2011.

The event was organized by by Polish sport magazine ‘Sports Reviev’.

Enjoy the videos below:

Here’s another video of Bartosz accepting his award. Can someone please translate in English what he’s saying? We have a feeling he thanked Volleywood. Hahaha! We wish! We wish! Seriously, Kurek and Team Poland deserve the awards knowing 2011 was their year!

So Haffy!

Any special message for Kurek and Team Polska?

Any special message for Kurek and Team Polska?

Any special message for Kurek and Team Polska?

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  1. Joanna says:

    Bartosz is receiving the award from great polish goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek. Jerzy is a living legend in Poland.
    Dudek: I am 1.88m tall :)
    When he raised a tripod for Bartek, Bartek said: It’s now the world’s most expensive tripod :)
    Spiker: Not only he can spike powerfull but also has a quick reflex .
    Bartek: Yes… So. Good evening everybody. It will be short… Guys, i’m speaking about my team mates: national and club. It was an honor to go out on field with you, no matter who was an opponent. I hope that in the next year, in Skra Bełchatów and in our national team, we will also play great like in this year, Thank You very much!

    Sorry for bad English.

    • Martee says:

      Thank you for explicit translation. Would you like also translate Marcin’s speech when awarded best team of the year? Thank you.:)

      • Joanna says:

        So, I’ll try :)

        Spiker: Marcin Możdżonek decided to take the floor. I knew there won’t be enough metres of microphone.

        Marcin: Good evening everyone. (clap clap :) )
        I m extremely delighted and proud I can receive this award on behalf of the representation. I would like to thank the chapter, in which eyes we found appreciation. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all people who contributed to this success: all players who played for National Team for last year, I thank stuff ingluding our coach. Thanks to all who were in our shadow but always supported us. I also thank our main sponsor “PLUS” and PGE for supporting Polish volleyball and Polish sport. Thank you very much!

        Spiker: Gentleman, would you like to say something else? No? So thank You very much!!

        Best regards from snowy southern Poland :)

  2. Martee says:

    I caught Belchatow at first but couldn’t understand other words.
    Very lovely Jerzy

  3. Judy says:

    I really love to see volleyball games especially Poland’s player cause i have my idol in this team..BARTOSZ KUREK…he is so great player…keep it up!!

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