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The 2018 Women’s World Championship POOLS

Out of the 4 pools, Pool C seems to be the toughest while Pool A is the easiest. What do you think?

The Drawing Of Lots was completed yesterday and volleyball fans from all over the world had the opportunity to watch it LIVE! The quadrennial will be be hosted by Japan and will kick off on September 29th and end on October 20th.

Per Volley Mob:

Pool A

WR6 Japan
WR8 The Netherlands
WR11 Argentina
WR13 Germany
WR18 Cameroon
WR26 Mexico

Pool’s average World Rank – 13.67

Pool B

WR1 China
WR7 Italy
WR12 Turkey
WR17 Bulgaria
WR19 Canada
WR25 Cuba

Pool’s average World Rank – 13.50

Pool C

WR5 Russia
WR10 Korea
WR16 Thailand
WR24 Azerbaijan
WR34 Trinidad and Tobago

Pool’s average World Rank – 15.17

Pool D

WR3 Serbia
WR4 Brazil
WR9 The Dominican Republic
WR13 Puerto Rico
WR21 Kazakhstan
WR33 Kenya

Pool’s average World Rank – 13.83

Competition Formula:

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