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The 2018 Men’s World Championship POOLS

We think Pool B is the Pool Of Death with 3 teams currently ranked inside the Top 10 while Pool D seems to be the easiest pool compare to the other 3. Defending World Champions Poland is in Pool D and is expected to advance to the next round.

The quadrennial event is co-hosted by Italy and Bulgaria and will run from September 10th until September 30th, 2018.

Check it out below:

From Volley Mob:

Pool A:

WR4 Italy
WR7 Argentina
WR12 Japan
WR15 Belgium
WR23 Slovenia
WR38 The Dominican Republic

Pool’s average World Rank – 16.5

Pool B

WR1 Brazil
WR6 Canada
WR9 France
WR13 Egypt
WR20 China
WR25 The Netherlands

Pool’s average World Rank – 12.3

Pool C

WR4 Russia
WR11 Serbia
WR16 Australia
WR24 Tunisia
WR30 Cameroon

Pool’s average World Rank – 14.5

Pool D

WR14 Bulgaria
WR3 Poland
WR8 Iran
WR16 Cuba
WR18 Finland
WR29 Puerto Rico

Pool’s average World Rank – 14.6

Host Cities

Competition Formula

Per FIVB: The 24 teams will be spread across four pools of six teams playing in around-robin system with the top four teams advancing to a second round of preliminary matches featuring two pools of eight teams playing in four cities.

The top three teams from each second-round pool will qualify to the third round, where the six teams will be split into two pools, from which the top two teams from each pool will then advance to the semifinals and finals with the third ranked teams in the third round pools also playing off for fifth place.

For more info, click here.

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