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USA Men’s Olympic Roster

usa volleyball

We don’t mean to steal USA Volleyball anyone’s thunder but…

Ryan Millar is Out! Evan Patak is Out! Riley Salmon is Out!

Take note, USA Volleyball has NOT officially released nor confirmed Team USA’s final roster for the 2012 London Olympics but we’re 99.999999% sure that these players will represent and defend USA’s Olympic Crown in men’s volleyball:

Outside Hitters: Reid Priddy, Matt Anderson, Sean Rooney, Paul Lotman

Middle Hitters: David Lee, Russell Holmes, David Smith

Opposite Hitters: Clay Stanley, David Mckienzie

Setters: Donald Suxho, Brian Thornton

Libero: Richard Lambourne

What Do You Think of Team USA’s ROSTER?

What Do You Think of Team USA’s ROSTER?

What Do You Think of Team USA’s ROSTER?

(images: FIVB)


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    • There are dozens of reasons why Salmon should NOT be on the roster. The first is because he is an international embarrassment to the sport on and off the court. On the court he is a plump libero cheerleader dressed as an attacker and off the court he is an abominable human being. Full stop. – Millar is smarter than most of the other middles on the list because of his experience but he has been playing with his sneakers dipped in molasses for the past 2 years. Father time says its time to hang them up. Much frustrated talent has been chomping at the bit while he was taking a victory lap and it is nice to see him pass the torch. – Mckenzie threw a Hail Mary to the LBSU alumni boys club that ended up getting him a ticket to the olympics. Respect for that move and he is a nice service substitution but if Stanley has to take a break, the squad can not depend on his inside-out attack approach. – Anderson is a beast and pound for pound the best OH in the world right now. – Lee is a warrior but also showing signs of rust after Russia wearing him thin. – Priddy is holding it together by a shoe string. With his height and age, his sweet spot is small to quite small and with the Albanian lobbing him wounded ducks he has no chance. He is a gamer but he is also showing rust after several long & cold Russian winters. – Of course USA always shows up to the big dance ready to jitterbug but this year lets hope someone spiked the punch because the level is not what it should be.

  1. Actually, I disagree. Riley Salmon always looked to be very lazy, IMO. Regarding Ryan Millar, well I think the last thing we need is a middle blocker who is constantly spiking into the net.

    • You have the right to your own opinion, but are you mental when you say that Riley looks lazy? I have heard other arguments for not including Riley, but I’ve never heard anyone EVER state that Riley is lazy. He has always been one of the hardest working players on the team without question.

  2. I’m not agreeing with McKienzie and am on the fence with Lotman. I think Evan Patak should have a chance over McKienzie. People were saying that McKienzie can get on the court without warming up, but his serving has been hot and cold and I haven’t seen much defense come out of him. I think Patak would have been a much better choice -at one time, he was supposed to be the next Clay Stanley.

  3. I have been playing or involved in Volleyball for over 60 years, and with the talent we have (physically and experience) the overriding factor will always be who produces under fire for the TEAM ! Go USA !

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