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Larissa França: I Am Gay


August 3rd, 2013

Larissa and Lili just got married?


FYI: Same-sex unions have been legally recognized in Brazil since 2004. Same-sex marriage has been a right of all same-sex couples to access since May 14, 2013 due to a sweeping Federal Court ruling, which denies notaries of states who do not recognise same-sex marriage the right to refuse to perform same-sex marriages. Same-sex couples enjoy the provisions of several constitutional principles and the absence of prohibitive legislation. Stable union (Portuguese: união estável) is available for same-sex couples since May 2011. These unions are granted rights similar to those in marriages, including adoption, welfare benefits, pension, inheritance tax, income tax, social security, health benefits, immigration, joint property ownership, hospital and prison visitation, IVF and surrogacy.

July 11th, 2013

It takes so much guts to publicly come out as a “gay” athlete.

Stacy Sykora came out of the closet earlier this year and now 2012 Olympic bronze medalist and 2011 World Champion Larissa França reveals that she is a lesbian and in a relationship with Brazilian beach player Lili Maestrini.

Larissa posted this sweet message of love and celebration a few days ago on her FB:

“Hoje é nosso dia, paixão! Momentos maravilhosos e inesquecíveis! Deus é maravilhoso comigo, agradeço a ele todos os dias por ter me dado você. Vivemos, aprendemos, crescemos, brincamos, sorrimos… E o mais importante é que em todos esses momentos você estava comigo. Te amo cada dia mais e tenho muito orgulho de ser sua namorada. Você é maravilhosa! Se cuida pra mim, tá? Beijos”, publicou a moça, que deixou o esporte no final de 2012.”

(image: FIVB)

Lili’s response…

“Mais um ano de muito amor! Cada dia mais feliz… Coração acelerado só de pensar em você! Eu não vou parar. Eu vou mimar você até quando eu puder. Se isso é um defeito você pode até pedir pra eu parar. Mas isso é tão bom. Eu cuido de você, você cuida de mim. Se existe outro jeito, eu prefiro assim. E quer saber, eu vou te amar. Assim, você quem vai cuidar de mim. Eu cuido de você e enfim. Amor não vai faltar.”


They’re so in love!

Lili’s facebook status has also been updated to “married”.

We have so much respect for athletes who bravely face the challenges of being gay.

Coming out is not an easy decision at all.

We wonder who’s next…

We think it’s about time for a male player to come out!


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  1. Hey, Volleywood, it’s really nice that you took the time to explain how same-sex civil unions and marriages work in Brazil. As a Brazilian, it makes me really proud to live in maybe the biggest country that recognize the rights of gay people. Also, transgenders can have the sex reassignment surgery for free in Brazil, as long as a psychiatrist garantees they’re really transgender.

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