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Brazilian Superliga Teams ARE AGAINST Tiffany Abreu

This just breaks our heart.

According to this report, Superliga teams are AGAINST having trans volleyball player, Tiffany Abreu, compete in the women’s league. Although there is no formal complaint yet addressed to the Brazilian Volleyball Federation (CBV), it looks like Tiffany’s career as a professional athlete is on the edge.

The CBV is reportedly looking at the current rules and policies implemented in the league in regards to trans athletes.

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Please be reminded that the FIVB STILL ALLOWS trans players to compete in any FIVB tournaments.

In an article released last January 24th, the FIVB states that:

“Following in depth discussion, the FIVB Medical Commission is committed to studying this issue in order to ensure that any medical decision made by the FIVB is based on the latest data and expertise in this area, so as to ensure a fair and equitable system of competition for all athletes.”

The Commission reiterated that the goal of the FIVB is to establish a system for the participation of athletes in FIVB competitions in both indoor and beach volleyball events that respects the individual choice of a person while also ensuring a level playing field on the court. For national club competitions the participation of transgender athletes is exclusively the responsibility of the respective national federations.

Tiffany went through all procedures and also went through the process to become recognized as a female athlete according to the guidelines by the IOC.

She DID NOT violate anything so it makes us sad that she has to go through all the drama for others to understand and to accept her.


We doubt they would.

For now, we have to wait and see what the CBV will do starting next season.

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  1. I have nothin against transgender people. I wish them happiness like everyone else. However, men and women are not created the same and it’s not right to let them(transgenders) play in the women’s league. Political correctness will ruin volleyball society.

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