Morgan Beck Suffers Miscarriage

Be strong Morgan!

morgan beck miller1 682x1024 Morgan Beck Suffers Miscarriage

A summary of Morgan’s life within the last 2 months:

Last December 14th, her husband, downhill racer Bode Miller, accidentally hit her left eye with a golf ball & she ended up getting 50 stitches.

During her recovery, the model/beach volleyball player publicly revealed via social media that she and Bode are expecting their first child since tying the knot in October 2012.

Just 18 hours ago…

Morgan shocked her 6,000+ Twitter followers with this announcement:

Fullscreen capture 1202013 120730 PM Morgan Beck Suffers Miscarriage

So Sad.

We can’t find the words to comfort their loss.

It’s such a heartbreaking news and the Millers are in our thoughts as they heal.

morgan beck miller bode miller Morgan Beck Suffers Miscarriage

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