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The End of British Volleyball

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January 17th, 2013

BBC South Today says:

The London Olympics were built on the promise to “Inspire a generation”.

But the mum of one of the stars of Team GB has written to the sports minister to say they’ve been badly let down by a lack of funding. Cary Wick’s daughter Lucy for GB last summer, but indoor Volleyball hasn’t been given any money towards the Rio games in 2016

Our favorite line:

“I want other young girls to have the chance my daughter had…”

Thanks for doing this Mommy Cary!

You’re one great volleyball mum and we totally support what you’re doing!

December 22nd, 2012


This news we heard and read last December 18th still remains very depressing that we want to give every British player and every British volleyball fan lots of hugs.

Take note, Britain’s indoor and men’s beach volleyball programs are NOT getting any funding for the next 4 years up to the 2016 Olympics. After an 88% budget cut, the women’s beach volleyball program is surviving but will only received less than £400,000 over four years towards two female athletes.

Here’s the official statement from British Volleyball released by CEV.LU:

The President of the British Volleyball Federation, Richard Callicott:

We could not be more disappointed that the phenomenally hard work and commitment of our athletes and coaches have been rewarded with the utter obliteration of the sport at elite level. No matter how hard we try to produce enthusiasm and development at the grassroots level, every sport needs its stars to be visible. We have stars, and world class athletes like Dami Bakare now playing in one of the most competitive leagues in the world in Korea, but the opportunity for him and his outstanding teammates no longer exists for them to play for their country. There are over 30 players playing professionally for clubs throughout Europe and North America as well as Dami. We have produced British athletes from our own programs across all 6 of our disciplines. UK Sport made a record hand-out of £347 million. It seems frankly unfair after our brilliant endeavors at London 2012 when we were required to produce credible performances, where the GB indoor women’s team rose 49 places in the world rankings, winning a match against a much higher ranked team, and Sitting Volleyball created so many new enthusiasts at the Paralympics, that both sports should be rewarded with precisely nothing for their efforts over those past five years. I am simply shocked that our sporting leaders could be so dismissive of such a mighty effort”.

World Class Performance Program Manager Kenny Barton:

“I feel so sad on behalf of everyone connected with British Volleyball because we have worked so hard and smartly to find a way to use every single penny of the previous National Lottery and Exchequer funding to raise our performance levels, that has been very tough on the athletes, but has ensured that we have gone toe to toe with the major superpowers of what is the second biggest team sport in the world, and win matches in the Olympic and Paralympic Games. I was proud to establish the performance foundation to what I believed would be a genuine legacy; somehow my original vision seems a little hollow today. British Volleyball will of course give careful consideration to the best way forward for the performance end of our sport, and whilst welcoming the UK Sport “Small Squad investment” in two female Beach athletes, the amount made available will certainly present its challenges going forward. We look forward to exploring options working with all potential partners to go forward positively”.

Take note, as its members got together this past November 15 in Luxembourg, being open to any positive development for the Volleyball and Beach Volleyball community in the UK, the CEV Board of Administration had decided that any recognition of British Volleyball after London 2012 would have depended on the provision and approval by the relevant authorities of a four-year project leading up to the next Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.

British Players React

Upon hearing the report a few days ago, British volleyball players who competed and represented their country at the 2012 Olympics tweeted their thoughts and emotions on the heartbreaking news:

Lucy Wicks ‏@lucywicks2: I’m sorry but has everyone forgotten that @GBRVolleyball hit their target and got a win @London2012?…..

Lynne Beattie ‏@Beats_10: Volleyball: 3rd most viewed sport at london 2012 – a huge platform for the sport to flourish… What now??! #elitesportessentialforlegacy

Ciara Michel ‏@vb_ci : While I was busy training for my pro team in 1 of the highest levels in Europe, @uk_sport was shattering that dream for youngsters in the UK.

Maria Bertelli ‏@mariabertelli: Not saying these sports dont deserve funding but 3 questions which I think challenge any rationale to funding decisions. 1. Why does women’s waterpolo get £4.5m when they didn’t win a match at L2012? 2. Why does women’s beach volleyball get £400k when didn’t meet targets at L2012? 3. Why does the FA need @uk_sport funding? #consistency #rationale #explain

Peter Bakare ‏@peterbakare: I just woke up from a terrible nightmare. I dreamt that UK Sport had cut our funding completely….oh wait.

Dan Hunter ‏@danhunter4: Absolutely gutted. What is the point of a legacy? No funding… now what?

Andy Hopper ‏@tomandyhopper: Legacy? What legacy? A lot of people’s lives and dreams left devastated. @uk_sport have a lot of explaining to do. #inspireageneration (not)

Mark McGivern ‏@McGivern7: Let’s be honest, I wasn’t expecting a great deal of funding from #UKSport, but nothing… that hurts.

Mark Plotyczer ‏@Markplot: its official : no #funding for #volleyball in Great Britain anymore! Its probably the end of the men and women volleyball national team!

Nathan French ‏@nfrench10: #EpicFail

UK Sports have DISSOLVED their indoor & men’s beach volleyball programs BUT the Volleywood Team promises to every Brit player that we’d continue to follow & share your volleyball journeys to the rest of the world.

Our love for these hardworking players will NEVER fade.

Nathan French, Ciara Michel, Bakare Brothers, Lucy Wicks, Jason Haldane & Team GB, until then…


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  1. I’m not sure the costs of “putting Olympics up” is what this is all about. I mean, right after the Games, it was announced that the UK had the biggest economic growth in quite some time and that reflects directly on how much the Government collects with all the taxes. A part of those taxes goes naturally to sports.
    In my opinion, this is about the UK trying to put on a “show” for London 2012, so that their national teams wouldn’t fail so miserably, but now that the Games are over, it’s OK if they don’t go well during the next Olympic cycle. In the end, I think it’s all about them not having real appreciation for sports like volleyball (and, let’s face it, it takes 12 players to bring home a single gold medal, so unless the sport becomes more popular in the country, I don’t see that changing any time soon).

    • Volleyball is popular in Britain it just doesn’t get the same publicity as FOOTBALL (Soccer). And also, we rather want our income taxes go to sport funds but sadly it doesn’t. It goes on to benefits which by the way is being abused by most people in Britain. Enough said.

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