World’s Tallest Female Volleyball Player

The world’s tallest female volleyball player is NOT the world superstar Ekaterina Gamova or Yulia Merkulova who are both 6′ 8″ / 2.02m but the title belongs to another Russian player named and she is…

Nelly Alisheva: 2.10 m / 6 ft 11 in

The 30 year old plays as a middle blocker.

Nelly Fonova Alisheva Worlds Tallest Female Volleyball Player

fonova team Worlds Tallest Female Volleyball Player

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  1. me says:

    Uh, Gamova looks taller in the picture by at least an inch. She’s not even standing straight and she still looks taller.

  2. Eirnerganorn says:

    Gamova is taller. She is at least 2m07

  3. kolbeinn says:

    gamanova is taller but still you say this girl supposed to be 8 cm taller wtf

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