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Man Robs Team Croatia


This is just DISGUSTING!

The man didn’t just steal money from the Croatia’s women’s national but also took some naughty time by masturbating in front of Croatian player Mateja Rajkovic while she was asleep.


Upom seeing the man having his “own moment”, Mateja screamed and then the man took off with 50 euros.

“It was around 3pm & I was asleep in my room. Half an hour later, a strong gasping woke me up. When I opened my eyes I was shocked. I saw a guy on his knees, above me, masturbating over my body. I started screaming and then he ran away.

It is not about the money. It could have ended much worse. I could have been raped. It might be the guy who killed the Mexican girl in Split. What if he broke into the the Portugese girls’apartment? Or Romanian, or British…? It would have been a much wider incident. Some people from the Croatian Volleyball federation told me to keep silent till the end of the tournament. I couldn’t believe that. It should be announced everywhere.

After all, I think the Croatian national team didn’t deserve to be in the bungalows without any security. Where were the guards? After the incident, they have transferred me. And you know where? Into a neighboring bungalow! This is outrageous!” according to the 21 year old libero.

The incident took place in the Croatian city of Rovinj where Croatia competed at the 2013 European Championship Qualification Tournament. Despite this awful and scary incident, Croatia managed to win a spot for next year’s tournament.

We hope this will never happen again.

We hope tournament organizers will tighten up security at future events.

Be Safe Ladies!

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