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Luca Vettori Is Reportedly “EXHAUSTED” From Volleyball

We hope he gets enough rest and then bounces next season or next year!

2016 Olympic silver medalist and opposite hitter, Luca Vettori, is reportedly NOT going to play volleyball anytime soon. The reason? He is exhausted and needs time to rest. He will then evaluate his future if he still wants to play volleyball professionally and with the national team.

Sadly, he is already out of the Italian roster for the upcoming Volleyball Nations League.

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“Luca really needs a break. He has been playing non-stop since the 2017 international season when Zaytsev was not on the national team. When the pro season started, he felt so much pressure and felt exhausted that’s why he didn’t have the best performance with his club team Trentino.” says a source.

Rumor has it that the 27 years old was invited by Coach Blengini to join the national team but he declined the offer. “With Zaytsev back on the team and expected to be the starter, Luca didn’t want to do a lot of traveling as a bench player. He would rather spend it relaxing and just be away from volleyball for now.” adds the source.

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With that being said, check out Italy’s roster below:

Simone Giannelli
Riccardo Sbertoli
Michele Baranowicz
Luca Spirito

Middle Blockers:
Davide Candellaro
Daniele Mazzone
Enrico Cester
Enrico Diamantini
Simone Anzani
Alberto Polo
Fabio Ricci

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Outside/Opposite Hitters:
Luigi Randazzo
Simone Parodi
Osmany Juantorena
Filippo Lanza
Gabriele Maruotti
Oleg Antonov
Giacomo Raffaelli
Ivan Zaytsev
Giulio Sabbi
Gabriele Nelli
Andrea Argenta

Salvatore Rossini
Fabio Balaso
Massimo Colaci
Nicola Pesaresi

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We hope Vettori changes his mind and resumes his career but for now he really deserves a relaxing trip by the beach having a beer or two!

In case you didn’t know, Italy is co-hosting the upcoming World Championship in September.

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