Words from Coach Rezende

After approving Murilo’s request not to play this weekend so he can be with his wife, Coach Bernardinho Rezende finally talked to the media and shared some comforting words for the couple.

“We were all saddened by what happened. Not that it is natural, but is much more common than we think. They are still very young and things will happen going forward. Everything will happen the right way” says Bernardinho.

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Coach Rezende has replaced Murilo with João Paulo.

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Update: Murilo’s Mother Speaks…

A day after the tragic announcement that Jaqueline lost her baby, Murilo’s mother talked to the media to share on how her son and daughter-in-law are doing.

Janeamar said that her son is crying a lot since yesterday. Sadness has hit the Endres family but everyone is praying for Murilo and Jaque the strength to overcome their loss.

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“God knows what He is doing. I know they will give me a lot of grandchildren.” says Janeamar.

She also revealed that Jaqueline collapsed after finding out about the baby’s fate but she’s now doing well and calmer.

Murilo and Jaque remain in our thoughts and prayers!

Be strong!


Update: We can’t find words to explain how we feel when we read this news…

After announcing that she’s expecting her first baby with husband Murilo, Brazilian news agencies have reported and confirmed that Jaqueline suffered a MISCARRIAGE.

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We wish Jaque and Murilo the strength during this very difficult time.

Murilo has requested Coach Rezende not to join the team this weekend for the debut weekend of the 2011 World League so he can be with his wife.

They are in our thoughts and prayers. Hang in there Jaque! We love you!


Update: He’s just teasing us! We think it’s too early to tell the sex of their baby.

The world’s best player, Endres Murilo, can’t stop talking about his baby inside Jaqueline’s womb! The outside hitter who is busy training in the Brazilian city of Squarema with the National Team has revealed that they want their first baby to be a GIRL but adds that it doesn’t really matter to them.

If they’d have a girl, they will name her VALENTINA.

Valentina? We respect that name they’d give to their baby but we’re not feeling the name “Valentina” - in our opinion. Regardless of the name and the sex of the baby, no doubt they’d have a very beautiful little angel.

Untitled Words from Coach Rezende

In case they’d have twins, please don’t name them GOLD and SILVER to represent the Olympic medals that Murilo and Jaque won from the 2008 Olympics.

Jaqueline is scheduled for an ultrasound this Monday.

Murilo will be traveling in and out of Brazil in the next 4 weeks to compete in the World League and help Brazil defend its crown.

Congratulations again M & J!



First Look at Murilo and Jaqueline sharing and showing to the rest of the world how excited they are to become Daddy and Mommy early next year.

A very beautiful baby is on the way!

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The glowing Jaqueline stated that getting pregnant is of the happiest moments she will forever treasure. She also said that she plans on returning to the National Team in time for the 2012 Olympics.

We’re very happy for the 2 of you. Also, take your time Mommy Jaque. Don’t rush at all. Family and baby first over volleyball.

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Original Post:

As soon as he found out he’s going to be a dad, Endres Murilo did this to Oprah us…

We love hearing baby news!

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One of the world’s most popular volleyball couples, Endres Murilo and Jaqueline Carvalho are going to be  Daddy Murilo and Mommy Jaqueline soon – early next year.

While Murilo’s volleyball career is still pushing through, Jaque’s plans for the 2011 season are on hold until she gives birth. The 27 year old Mom-To-Be still intends to compete and play at the 2012 London Olympics which is 439 days away.

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We are so happy for them!

We must admit that Brazil’s women’s team is going to be a little different without Jaqueline. We wonder who is going to take her spot. Whoever she is, we hope she also screams like Jaque and make the match more exciting.

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Murilo and Jaque have been together for 12 years and they got married in 2009.

Have a safe pregnancy Jaqueline!

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    The Murillo is that he cried a lot, according to his mother.

  2. jaime says:

    IS jaqueline gonna play for olympics???gonna miss her if shez not playing

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