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The Boys of Zenit Kazan


Dear Matt Anderson. We told you to never look at us this way because we just don’t know what to do.

Hah! We’re just kidding Mattie!

On a serious note, you look good in your Zenit Kazan shirt.

So the player of Zenit Kazan have been officially presented to the media. With a star studded roster this season, no doubt 2012 Olympic Champion Coach Alekno won’t have to deal with a lot of stress.

With 5 Olympic Champions on the 2012/2013 roster namely Maxim Mikhaylov, Yuri Berezhko, Nikolay Apalikov, Alexander Volkov and Alexey Obmochaev and 2 talented imports Valerio Vermiglio of Italy and current American sensation Matt Anderson, no doubt Kazan has what it takes to defend its Champions League crown and dominate in the Russian League.

Aside from the media presentation, the boys of Zenit Kazan also visited a university earlier today to meet students and do the usual Question and Answer portion.

Vermiglio really loves his Brit inspired glasses.

Maxim Mikhaylov looking fresh after 2 successful 2011 and 2012 seasons (2011 World League gold medal, 2011 FIVB World Cup gold medal, 2011/2012 Champions League gold medal and of course 2012 London Olympic gold medal).

Looks like the team and the students had a wonderful time!

Here are some pics…

Zenit Kazan 2012/2012 Roster:

1 Matthew Anderson
3 Nikolay Apalikov
4 Ivan Demakov
5 Valerio Vermiglio
6 Eugeniy Sivozhelez
7 Alexander Volkov
8 Igor Kolodinsky
9 Alexey Cheremisin
10 Yuri Berezhko
13 Vitaliy Matychenko
14 Alexander Abrosimov
15 Alexey Obmochaev
17 Vladislav Babichev
18 Maxim Mikhailov

Good luck this season BBs!

(images: Zenit Kazan)

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