Sung-Min for Men’s Health

Seriously, his ABS are more famous than his game. Haha!

sung min moon 2 Sung Min for Mens Health

If there’s one famous male volleyball player from Korea, it would have to be Moon Sung-Min. He’s got the looks, the skills and of course his world famous set of ABS. Look at that V-Muscle!

Anyways, the 6’6 outside hitter graces the cover of Men’s Health Magazine in Korea talking about his famous washboard abs. LOL! We kid! We kid!

Seriously, he talks and shares to the readers of Men’s Health about how he keeps himself fits and of course about volleyball.

sung min moon 3 Sung Min for Mens Health

sung min moon 4 Sung Min for Mens Health

sung min moon 5 Sung Min for Mens Health

Click HERE if you want to read the text in English translate by Google Translate

Click HERE to read it in Korean.

In case you didn’t know, Moon has played in the German and Turkish Leagues. He currently plays for Hyundai Skywalkers together with Canadian opposite hitter Dallas Soonias.


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  2. GG24 says:

    now he’s so muscular… but God! I remember when he was really really thin!!! He’s changed so much ;P

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