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Iran Welcomed As Heroes


Yes they didn’t win a medal but they made history in Japan!

Coach Velasco’s squad became the dark horse of the 2011 World Cup last month in Japan with Iran defeating world ranked teams Serbia, Argentina and Poland with each match going to 5 sets. The Iranian squad who is currently the Asian Champion concluded the tournament by finishing 9th.


As soon as they returned to Iran last month, the players were welcome with lots of open arms from their loved ones, friends and their growing number of supporters.

Just look at these pics…

There’s not a better moment to return home with lots of embraces waiting for you.

Once again, we’d like to congratulate Iran for the job well done at the World Cup and we hope to see them play at the 2012 Olympics to represent Asia!

(images: Iranian Volleyball)


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    • @mickey, the answer is simple. It’s because Iran is in Asia. Persian refers to people who resides in Iran who uses the Persian language. But in general, if a country is part of the Asian Continent the people of this country will be called ASIAN! same as the Europeans, North Americans, Australians and etc.

      • God bless you two, cause made me so FUN :)))))
        what a kind of explanation fernie_j
        swear on god mard ballaye shoma

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