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Matt on Life & VB

matt anderson


What have we done for us to get a pic like this?

We must’ve been really really good. Hah!

On a serious note, Matt was recently interviewed by the The Orange County Register and here’s some of our favorite quotes from the interview:

On his father who died 2 years ago due to complications:

“He was a pretty big rock. A rock for a lot of people. It was tough. When you’re 22, 23 you still have a lot of questions to ask your Dad. I guess silly things. Questions like how do you know what girl to ask out? What’s the right car to buy? Is this house the right investment?”

On when he first joined Team USA:

“Guys had been playing with the team for at least eight years and I was the new guy, the young guy. There were a lot of snide remarks. Stuff like ‘Oh, the young guy on the team.’ They acted like they were joking but it still didn’t sit right with me. I didn’t want to be that guy. I didn’t want to be the ‘young guy.’ I started turning it into a healthy rage to come into the gym with the attitude, ‘Yeah, I might be young but there’s a reason I’m here. I’m not just here because I’m lucky. I deserve to be here.'”





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(image: Michael Goulding, The Orange County Register/ Image cannot be reuse or distributed without permission)


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  1. I think Matthew Anderson is a handsome, athletic, intelligent young man! He is an amazing player on the court and an amazing person off the court! I am a volleyball player myself and would love to follow his footsteps and become a fanominal and memorable player! Keep it up Matt and GO FOR GOLD on your path in London! Good luck <3

  2. This is not a nude picture, beach players show more fresh than this.
    This picture, however, didn’t capture any element of him, his height, his look, his confidence, this picture just did an OK job,

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