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Mckienzie’s Quick Sheet

david mckienzie volleyball

After missing the 2008 Olympics, David McKienzie will fulfill his Olympic dream in London.

Despite his busy training schedule, the 33 year old eye candy opposite hitter from Team USA took time to answer these short fill in the blank questions.

My go to stress reliever is …

Meditation. I like to throw on this meditation music before I sleep and veg out to that. Really calms the mind.

My fondest volleyball memory is …

The 6-Man Tournament 2 years ago, listening to my friends yell “shut up” all night long.

My hidden talent is …

Shopping, I’m pretty good at it.

If I were a super hero my power would be …

To know what others are thinking or just to be able to know whatever I wanted to know.

I instantly feel better when …

I’m with my good friends. Its nice just hanging out and having a couple drinks.

I hate it when …

Others are negative and zap your energy. Stay away!

The best volleyball advice I ever got was …

From Sean Rooney “Just slam balls!”

The hardest spike I ever blocked was …

Against Clay Stanley. I didn’t block it, it hit the net and the tape whapped my forehead and the ball flew to the ceiling (in Colorado Springs, which is probably 100 feet high.) It gave me an instant welt about 2 inches in diameter and black eyes.

The funniest player on the team is …

Me of course.

My volleyball shoes smell like …

Nothing. I always get a new pair every 2 weeks. My feet don’t smell in general though.

Click HERE to know more about Dave.

We wish you and Team USA the best in London.

(images: Suzie Houseworth)

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