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The 2012 BEST Awards (F)

kim yeon koung MVP

Each athlete must have competed & excelled in one major FIVB tournament this year, ie 2012 FIVB Swatch Beach Volleyball World Tour, 2012 FIVB Women’s Grand Prix and the 2012 London Olympics (indoor and beach volleyball).

We’ve chosen ONE outstanding player from each country who is in the Top 10 of the FIVB World Rankings with several special honorees. proudly presents…

Best Female Indoor Players of 2012

Most Inspiring Indoor Team of 2012

Most Improved Indoor Team of 2012

Best Female Beach Players of 2012

Most Promising Player of 2012

Best Coach of 2012


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  1. So you leave out KimYk best player in the world and put her into some weird category most promising ? Are you joking ? She is the best right now lol

    • Korea is not in the top ten per fivb ranking and it’s the criteria we use. Regardless, Kim is the most promising of 2012!

      • I am not an authority to decide this but as someone who had a chance to watch likes of Venturini, Torres, I can easily say that Kim Yeon Koung is the best player in the world at the moment.

        To be honest, she is way better than any other player who could be regarded as the second best.

  2. What about the cuban players who only play the european champions league like nancy carillo and rosir calderon?

  3. I agree Bethania from Dominican Republic. She was outstanding last year. I’ d choose Kozuch from Ger and Brakocevic from SRB.

    • Agreed. I would also choose Costa Grande for Italy, Darnel for Turkey, and Jacqueline for Brazil. I am also questioning the call that Lindsey Berg is the best play for the usa. Sure she is one of the best setters in the world and had a huge impact for the USA team this past quadrennial, but you have to think about Logan Tom as well.

      • I’d go with Lindsey Berg all the way. Tom sure is an outstanding player, but Berg is/was the soul of Team USA.

  4. Yk Kim is more than the most promising player, beause more than a promise, she is already the best indoor player, for sure :-)

  5. Absurd!!
    The best female indoor players of 2012 without Kim yeonkoung?
    She is the best player in the world

  6. 「most promising player」??? 

    Yeon-Koung Kim is the best player in the world already.

    She got the MVP in London Olympic and Champions League.

  7. Kim Yeon Koung is the promising female player?????
    oh cam’on!! she’s soooooooooooooooooooo over to that level!!!
    give her the respect that she deserve!!!!!!
    she already conquer the Asian volleyball she’s the MVP in Europe
    and lastly she’s the MVP of the Olympics!!!!!!
    and you call that ‘PROMISING’?????????????????????

  8. Sure Fê Garay has caused impact on the Brazilian NT, specially during London 2012, when she really became the safest and strongest choice for her position, leaving the Beijing 2008 MVP (Paula Pequeno, that is) on the bench. That said, I must disagree with her being the chosen athlete from Brazil: I’d select either Sheilla Castro(!!!) or Thaísa Menezes, since both of them have repeatedly put up impressive and decisive performances for our NT. Anyways, that’s just my opinion as a Brazilian fan. 😉

  9. I agree with the selection of Fe Garay. She is an incredible player at the moment. But Kim as the most promising? Sorry but this is simply a terrible invention. You cannot call a player most promising when she gets the CEV CL and Olympics MVP awards.

  10. i agree with so many opinions stating that Kim YK in not simply a promising player. she is the BEST, NOW, for SURE. and Sokolova is, of all time, the best one.

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