Who Loves Shoes?

Who Loves Shoes?

Collages 743x1024 Who Loves Shoes?

We’re pretty sure you do.

Women aren’t the only ones who can spoil themselves with louboutins. Men can do it too! Below is a shoe studded gallery featuring the male players currently competing at the 2011 Club World Championships. It appears that Mizuno is really a popular brand among these players.

Here you go…

Endres Murilo (Sesi): The shoes look okay. Too simple. We heard Olympikus make really comfortable shoes.

Pictures2 1024x683 Who Loves Shoes?

Matey Kaziyski (Trentino): We’ve always been a fan of Mizuno shoes. We love the design Matey!

Pictures12 767x1024 Who Loves Shoes?

Gianluca Saraceni (Al Arabi): Another Mizuno masterpiece! #1 on our list! We love the color!

Pictures3 656x1024 Who Loves Shoes?

Pawel Rusek (Jastrzebski Wegiel): Too simple. Agree?

Pictures4 1024x687 Who Loves Shoes?

Philippe Barca-Cysique (Paykan): We love the color. Perfect shoes to wear when you’re jersey is green white.

Pictures52 766x1024 Who Loves Shoes?

Steve Marshall (Trinity West): We’re not a fan of Nike volleyball shoes but we totally dig this one!

Pictures6 685x1024 Who Loves Shoes?

Maxim Mikhaylov (Zenit): Boring. You’d only look good in these shoes if you’re as great as Maxim. LOL!

Pictures8 686x1024 Who Loves Shoes?

Alexey Obmochaev (Zenit): If these shoes would make us dig balls easily, then we’d wear it. Not a fan of lime.

Pictures111 1024x692 Who Loves Shoes?

Ben Ball (Trinity West): Black is the safest color to wear. That’s all.

Pictures7 716x1024 Who Loves Shoes?

Alexei Babechine (Zenit): Another favorite of ours. Looks clean and simple. We’re falling in love with Nike!

Pictures9 680x1024 Who Loves Shoes?

Alireza Mobasheri (Paykan): We wore something similar 2 years ago. Outdated (just saying).

Pictures121 676x1024 Who Loves Shoes?

Mohamed Ketat (Al-Ahly): We’d love to see our team captain wear these. Hahahaha! Not our taste.

Pictures10 836x1024 Who Loves Shoes?

Again, we totally LOVE Wallace‘s shoes and of course the fierce Mizuno red shoes Gianluca Saraceni wears. Knowing that we also hearts the shoes by Nike, we’re going to start checking them out. We”re not a Nike fan when it comes to volleyball shoes, but we’re totally digging the simple and clean designs they have.

It’s your turn to share your favorites…

Whose Shoes Do You Like The Most?

Whose Shoes Do You Like The Most?

Whose Shoes Do You Like The Most?

Tell us! Tell us!

(images: FIVB)

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  1. Loraine says:

    what i love most is the mizuno wave lightning 7

  2. Brock says:

    It would be nice to know what model of the shoes are and not just the make!!

  3. Hemmi says:

    which model do Steve Marshall and Alexei Babechine wear ???

  4. Chris says:

    The shoes on bottom are Asics Gel-Sensei 3 MT’s, not mizuno…

  5. Wojti says:

    This red Mizuno, what model?

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