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2014 My Volleywood Idol

Your 2014 My Volleywood Idols

The 2014 My #Volleywood Idol shows #volleyball is so BIG in some countries like the #Philippines, #Peru, #Thailand, #Iran & #Poland where their volleyball stars get positively overwhelming & support.

Congrats to the 2014 IDOLS Philippines’ Queen Tamaraw Rachel Anne Daquis & Iran’s Wonder Setter Saeid Marouf as well as Final 5 Finalists Peru’s Carla #Cotito Rueda, Thailand’s Power Of 3 Nootsara, Wilavan & Onuma, USA’s David Lee, Poland’s Mariusz Wlazly & Iranian stars Farhad Ghaemi & Amir Ghafour!

Keep supporting your IDOLS and the sport FOREVER!

Thank you so much for participating in this year’s voting. We can’t wait for the 2015 IDOL!

The Competition:

“My Volleywood Idol” is a Facebook voting competition featuring some of the world’s best & most popular players! The winners, 1 male & 1 female, are determined by volleyball fans from all over the world.



1st Saeid Marouf (Iran): 52,621 votes
2nd Farhad Ghaemi (Iran): 44,033 votes
3rd David Lee (USA): 12,523 votes
4th Amir Ghafour (Iran): 4,341 votes
5th Mariusz Wlazly (Poland): 3,211 votes


1st Rachel Daquis (Philippines): 440,438
2nd Carla Rueda (Peru): 389,795 votes
3rd Nootsara Tomkom (Thailand): 29,933 votes
4th Onuma Sittirak (Thailand): 7,469 votes
5th Wilavan Apinyapong (Thailand): 5,710 votes



Round II:

Round II is from November 22nd – December 2nd.

4 groups for each gender. Each pool has 5 players.

Fans will have 1 week to vote for each pool.

Round I Results:

Pool K Female Winner: Onuma Sittirak (Thailand)
Pool K Male Winner: Farhad Ghaemi (Iran)

Pool L Female Winner: Rachel Daquis (Philippines)
Pool L Male Winner: Amir Ghafour (Iran)

Pool M Female Winner: Wilavan Apinyapong (Thailand)
Pool M Male Winner: Mariusz Wlazly (Poland)

Pool N Female Winner: Nootsara Tomkom (Thailand)
Pool N Male Winner: Saeid Marouf (Iran)

2nd Best Female: Carla Rueda (Peru)
2nd Best Male: David Lee (USA)

Pool K (Male and Female) November 22nd – 28th
Pool L (Male and Female) November 23rd – 29th
Pool M (Male and Female) November 24th – 30th
Pool N (Male and Female) November 25th – December 1st & 2nd

The winner from each pool + the 2nd best player from all pools with the most votes advance to The Final Round aka The Final 5.

Men’s Pool K Final Ranking:

Farhad Ghaemi (Iran): 4,854 votes

Facundo Conte (Argentina): 3,352 votes
Seyed Mousavi (Iran):1,339 votes
Pedro Rangel (Mexico): 670 votes
Ricardo Lucarelli (Brazil): 590 votes


Women’s Pool K Final Ranking:

Onuma Sittirak (Thailand): 108,994 votes

Carla Rueda (Peru): 106,915 votes
Saori Kimura (Japan): 1,781 votes
Kim Hill (USA): 597 votes
Foluke Akinradewo (USA): 514 votes


Men’s Pool L Final Ranking:

Amir Ghafour (Iran): 11,079 votes

David Lee (USA): 10,438 votes
Ivan Zaytsev (Italy): 4,177 votes
Mateusz Mika (Poland): 435 votes
Simone Parodi: 275 votes (Italy)


Women’s Pool L Final Ranking:

Rachel Daquis (Philippines): 52,648 votes

Ekaterina Gamova (Russia): 2,708 votes
Thaisa Menezes (Brazil): 865 votes
Jordan Larson (USA):534 votes
Sonsirma Gozde (Turkey): 321 votes


Men’s Pool M Final Ranking:

Mariusz Wlazly (Poland): 1,643 votes

Todor Skrimov (Bulgaria): 1,000 votes
Karol Klos (Poland): 565 votes
Pawel Zagumny (Poland): 426 votes
Rodrigo Quiroga (Argentina): 190 votes


Women’s Pool M Final Ranking:

Wilavan Apinyapong (Thailand): 10,577 votes

Melissa Vargas (Cuba): 7,751 votes
Kim Yeon Koung (Korea): 918 votes
Zhu Ting(China): 467 votes
Neriman Ozsoy (Turkey): 238 votes

Men’s Pool N:

Saeid Marouf (Iran): 4,668 votes

Matt Anderson (USA): 2,266 votes
Michal Winiarski (Poland): 746 votes
Gyorgy Grozer (Germany): 390 votes
Dmitiry Muserskiy (Russia): 330 votes


Women’s Pool N Final Ranking:

Nootsara Tomkom (Thailand): 4,108 votes

Sheilla Castro (Brazil): 1,786 votes
Brenda Castillo (Dominican Republic): 764 votes
Fe Garay (Brazil): 420 votes
Hui Ruoqi (China): 282 votes


Th Final 4: December 3rd – 9th

1 group for each gender.

The final group has 4 players.

Fans will have 1 week to vote for the Final Round.

The winners will be announced on December 10th, 2014.

Round I Results:

Pool A Female Winners: Kim Hill (USA) and Zhu Ting (China)
Pool A Male Winners: Farhad Ghaemi (Iran) & Mariusz Wlazly (Poland)

Pool B Female Winners: Jordan Larson (USA) & Hui Ruoqi (China)
Pool B Male Winners: David Lee (USA) & Michal Winiarski (Poland)

Pool C Female Winners: Kim Yeon Koung (Korea) & Foluke Akinradewo (USA)
Pool C Male Winners: Pawel Zagumny (Poland) & Ricardo Lucarelli (Brazil)

Pool D Female Winners: Brenda Castillo (Dominican Rep) & Sonsirma Gozde (Turkey)
Pool D Male Winners: Matt Anderson (USA) & Mateusz Mika (Poland)

Pool E Female Winners: Saori Kimura (Japan) & Neriman Ozsoy (Turkey)
Pool E Male Winners: Pedro Rangel (Mexico) & Karol Klos (Poland)

Pool F Female Winners: Ekaterina Gamova (Russia) & Sheilla Castro (Brazil)
Pool F Male Winners: Ivan Zaytsev (Italy) & Dmitriy Muserskiy (Russia)

Pool G Female Winners: Apinyapong Wilavan (Thailand) & Karla Rueda (Peru)
Pool G Male Winners: Todor Skrimov (Bulgaria) & Facundo Conte (Argentina)

Pool H Female Winners: Nootsara Tomkom (Thailand) & Thaisa Menezes (Brazil)
Pool H Male Winners: Seyed Mousavi (Iran) & Simone Parodi (Italy)

Pool I Female Winners: Onuma Sittirak (Thailand) & Melissa Vargas (Cuba)
Pool I Male Winners: Saeid Marouf (Iran) & Rodrigo Quiroga (Argentina)

Pool J Female Winners: Rachel Daquis (Philippines) & Fe Garay (Brazil)
Pool J Male Winners: Amir Ghafour (Iran) & Georg Grozer (Germany)

2014 My Volleywood Female Idol

Group A Final Ranking:

Kim Hill (USA): 1,002 votes
Zhu Ting (China): 740 votes

Margareta Kozuch (Germany): 353 votes
Nadia Centoni (Italia): 350 votes
Aury Cruz (Puerto): 155 votes
Emilce Sosa (Argentina): 90 votes


Group B Final Ranking:

Jordan Larson (USA): 727 votes
Hui Ruoqi (China): 482 votes

Maja Poljak (Croatia): 448 votes
Valentina Arrighetti (Italia): 366 votes
Maren Brinker (Germany):223 votes
Christelle Tchoudjang Nana (Cameroon): 130 votes


Group C Final Ranking:

Kim Yeon Koung (Korea): 1,154 votes
Foluke Akinradewo (USA): 558 votes

Bethania Dela Cruz (Dom): 436 votes
Chunlei Zeng (China): 428 votes
Karina Ocasio (Puerto Rico): 367 votes
Senna Usic (Croatia): 331 votes


Group D Final Ranking:

Brenda Castillo (Dominican Rep): 1,277 votes
Sonsirma Gozde (Turkey): 476 votes

Yang Junjing (China): 357 votes
Strashimira Filipova (Bulgaria): 318 votes
Celeste Plak (Netherlands): 265 votes
Kayla Banwarth (USA): 230 votes


Group E Final Ranking:

Saori Kimura (Japan): 3,057 votes
Neriman Ozsoy (Turkey): 2,511 votes

Alisha Glass (USA): 704 votes
Tatiana Kosheleva (Russia): 697 votes
Kyla Richey (Canada): 593 votes
Robin De Krujif (Netherlands): 278 votes


Group F Final Ranking:

Ekaterina Gamova (Russia): 6,683 votes
Sheilla Castro (Brazil): 6,455 votes

Yuko Sano (Japan): 1,102 votes
Naz Aydemir (Turkey): 670 votes
Elitsa Vasileva (Bulgaria): 269 votes
Antonelli-Juliana (Brazil): 140 votes


Group G Final Ranking:

Apinyapong Wilavan (Thailand): 35,244 votes
Karla Rueda (Peru): 30,242 votes

Miyu Nagaoka (Japan): 7,536 votes
Jaqueline Carvalho (Brazil): 1,469 votes
Nataliya Obmochaeva (Russia): 672 votes
Ross-Walsh (USA): 269 votes


Group H Final Ranking:

Nootsara Tomkom (Thailand): 5,741 votes
Thaisa Menezes (Brazil): 1,119 votes

Kasia Skorownska (Poland): 645 votes
Antonella Del Core (Italia): 334 votes
Milena Rasic (Serbia): 267 votes
Meppelink-Van Iersel: 84 votes (NED)


Group I Final Ranking:

Onuma Sittirak (Thailand): 6,208 votes
Melissa Vargas (Cuba): 852 votes

Fabiana Claudino (Brazil): 677 votes
# Sabina Altynbekova (Kazakhstan): 592 votes
Eleonora Lo Bianco (Italia): 377 votes
Tijana Boskovic (Serbia): 291 votes


Group J Final Ranking:

# Rachel Daquis (Philippines): 43,790 votes
Fe Garay (Brazil): 839 votes

Lise Van Hecke (Belgium): 465 votes
Polina Rahimova (Azerbaijan): 369 votes
Carolina Costagrande (Italia): 349 votes
Brankica Mihajlovic (Serbia): 256 votes


# = Wild Card Winners. Athletes who have competed in a continental or international tournament/s including club tournaments.

2014 My Volleywood Male Idol

Group A Final Ranking:

Farhad Ghaemi (Iran): 4,361 votes
Mariusz Wlazly (Poland): 1,816 votes

Taylor Sander (USA): 862 votes
Bruno Rezende (Brazil): 513 votes
Denis Kaliberda (Germany): 211 votes
Jeon Kwang-In (Korea): 151 votes


Group B Final Ranking:

David Lee (USA): 1,228 votes
Michal Winiarski (Poland): 897 votes

Lucas Saatkamp (Brazil): 690 votes
Rolando Cepeda (Cuba): 481 votes
Ferdinand Tille (Germany): 272 votes
Antti Siltala (Finland): 178 votes


Group C Final Ranking:

Pawel Zagumny (Poland): 1,020 votes
Ricardo Lucarelli (Brazil): 958 votes

Aleksandar Atanasijevic (Serbia): 645 votes
Jenia Grebbenikov (France): 531 votes
Erik Shoji (USA): 383 votes
Sam Deroo (Belgium): 317 votes


Group D Final Ranking:

Matt Anderson (USA): 1,629 votes
Mateusz Mika (Poland): 617 votes

Wallace (Brazil): 501 votes
Frank Depestele (Belgium): 442 votes
Earvin Ngapeth (France): 430 votes
Marko Podrascanin (Serbia): 320 votes


Group E Final Ranking:

Pedro Rangel (Mexico): 1,404 votes
Karol Klos (Poland): 1,377 votes

Murilo Endres (Brazil): 958 votes
Kevin Tillie (France): 600 votes
Max Holt (USA): 448 votes
Nikola Jovovic (Serbia): 256 votes


Group F Final Ranking:

Ivan Zaytsev (Italy): 1,304 votes
Dmitriy Muserskiy (Russia): 586 votes

Sebastian Sole (Argentina): 463 votes
Samoilovs-Smedins, J. (Latvia): 340 votes
Srecko Lisinac (Serbia): 318 votes
Antonin Rouzier (France): 287 votes


Group G Final Ranking:

Todor Skrimov (Bulgaria): 966 votes
Facundo Conte (Argentina): 540 votes

Dragan Travica (Italy): 479 votes
Edgar Thomas (Australia): 460 votes
Alexey Spiridonov (Russia): 165 votes
Rosenthal-Dalhausser (USA): 153 votes


Group H Final Ranking:

Seyed Mousavi (Iran): 1,465 votes
Simone Parodi (Italy): 406 votes

Luciano De Cecco (Argentina): 365 votes
Pavel Moroz (Russia): 274 votes
Aidan Zingel (Australia): 274 votes
Bruno-Alison (Brazil): 150 votes


Group I Final Ranking:

Saeid Marouf (Iran): 1,548 votes
Rodrigo Quiroga (Argentina): 417 votes

Gavin Schmitt (Canada): 368 votes
Emanuele Birarelli (Italy): 359 votes
Dmitry Ilinykh (Russia): 249 votes
#Kervin Pinerua (Venezuela): 180 votes


Group J Final Ranking:

Amir Ghafour (Iran): 936 votes
Georg Grozer (Germany): 579 votes

Luca Vettori (Italy): 496 votes
# Edgardo Goas (Puerto Rico): 455 votes
Dick Kooy (Netherlands): 320 votes
Nikolay Pavlov (Russia): 212 votes


# = Wild Card Winners. Athletes who have competed in a continental or international tournament/s including club tournaments.

Are you EXCITED?

Since they already won the competition, 2012 Idols Matey Kaziyski (Bulgaria) & Pleumjit Thinkaow (Thailand) and 2013 Idols Tsvetan Sokolov (Bulgaria) and Angela Leyva (Peru) are no longer eligible.


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  1. voto por Melissa Vargas, aunque estimo que no es muy justa esta encuesta ya que faltan jugadoras cubanas como Daimi Ramirez, Rosir Calderon o Yusleinis Herrera. Desconozco por que las han dejado fuera cuando su quehacer en el voleibol actual ha sido igual o mejor que muchas mencionadas de menos nivel.

  2. Ms. Rachel Anne Daquis PHILIPPINES
    Go Queen RAD the ever gifted with beauty, talents, power to reign the popularity in the world of volleyball…

  3. Saeid marouf, farhad ghaemi (IRAN )

  4. Farhad ghaemi (Iran) group A
    Saeid marouf (Iran) group H
    Seyed mousavi (Iran) group I
    Amir ghafour (Iran) group J

  5. Amir ghafour
    saeid marouf
    farhad ghaemi
    mohamad mousavi.
    From irannnnnn
    Just iran.
    I love our volleyball team.

  6. Saeid Marouf (Iran) Group h
    Seyed Mousavi (Iran) Group I
    Farhad Ghaemi (Iran) Group A
    Amir Ghafour (Iran) Group J

  7. Farhad ghaemi(Iran)group A
    Saeed marouf(Iran)group H
    Seyed mousavi(Iran)group I
    Amir ghafour(Iran)group J

  8. marouf was good setter but nothing more, he is strongly chimeric player and definitely overrated setter, like all this iranian players above mentioned- maybe except Mousavi.

    And who the hell is Daquis Rachel Anne?? This is some busty model??

  9. marouf was good setter but nothing more, he is strongly chimeric player and definitely overrated setter, like all this iranian players above mentioned- maybe except Mousavi.

    And who the hell is Daquis Rachel Anne?? is she some busty model??

  10. Dear Vlolleywood!

    Putting 2 iranians in the same group to eliminating them, really shows your Cowardice and Jealousy!!!

    Let’s see you will get the results which You Want or NOT!

  11. Marouf and wlazly are believable , but Rachel Anne Daquis !!!!!!11
    who is that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!