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Nathan’s Diet Secrets

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No wonder he looks like this…

Great Britain’s one and only Nathan French is featured on with the 1.93m outside hitter sharing his diet secrets.

Here’s what the 21 year old eats to remain hot, sexy and extremely fit.


Five eggs with spinach
Bowl of yogurt, raisins, honey, and oats
Two oranges and two grapefruits – squeezed to juice
A handful of almonds
Two cups of coffee


Baguette with chicken, salami and mozzarella cheese
Bowl of mixed berries with yogurt
Four kiwi fruits
Half an apple

Dinner :

Two chicken fillets in tomato sauce, couscous/rice, broccoli

In addition, Nathan, who is currently on Team GBR’s Olympic roster, also dishes that he loves Kiwi (which is also our favorite), fresh squeezed fruit juices, spinach (another favorite of ours) and broccoli. Aside from drinking lots and lots of water, French snacks on almonds and raisins as well.

When it comes to eating fruits and veggies, seems like we have the same taste as French. Hah!

When asked on what his favorite recipe is from the website, “Thai squash & pineapple curry sounds amazing. Topped off with a brownie! That would be an immense meal. As the saying goes, ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’.”


If you plan on getting to Nathan’s heart then you better get to his stomach first, you need to click here to learn how to cook his favorite Thai squash & pineapple curry. Hah!

Bon Appetit!


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