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Gyorgy Grozer Compares

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Grozer was definitely the STAR in the Polish League last season. He led his team, Resovia, to win the Plusliga and his MVP performance caught the eyes of rich club teams outside of Poland, ie Russia.

With a better offer, Grozer traded his celebrity status in Poland to the cold Russian winter but with more $$$. Hah!

He now plays for Biełgorie Biełgorod.

In an interview released by, the 28 year old German opposite hitter confesses that it’s much harder to play in the 14 team Russian Super League compared to the Polish League.

He adds…

“A surprise for me was the fact that in Russia is much more difficult than in Poland to serve an ace. Almost every team are good reception. He added that the many teams have high players and good blockers. In general, he was surprised to find that there are many class players in the Superleague.

Regarding the level of volleyball in the Poland league only Skra, Resovia and Delecta can fight on equal terms with Russian teams.

It is very hard to fight, even in front of your own fans. I do not know why, but in Poland, matches at home were much easier. You can always be sure that you will win. Here in Russia, sometimes it is easier to win an away match than at home in front of your supporters. Everything is more complicated here.”


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