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From Heather Bown

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She might have retired from Team USA but our love and respect for Heather Bown remain FOREVER!

Here’s why…

So Heather, Jordan Larson, Ekaterina Gamova and Russian club team Dinamo Kazan lost their first match against Azerbaijan’s Rabita Baku in the Playoff stage of the prestigious Champions League. Despite being the favored team to win the match, Heather and team gave the match away in 4 sets.

After the loss, Heather posted this on her Facebook fan page:

Just watched our match online. We had so many opportunities that we just didn’t have the ability to convert on. I’m working hard for the best outcome next week. Win or go home from here on out.

This is what it’s all about.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed, but living with that and growing to overcome it is all part of why I love professional sports.

Take the moment in, learn from it, and be better.

Next week we will be better.

Night from Kazan :*

Instead of getting all emotional and feeling bitter on their defeat, Heather simply knows how to handle it all.

We <3 you Heat! More pics of the 2008 Olympic silver medalist in her Kazan jersey:

Kazan will now fly to Azerbaijan for their next match versus Rabita next week.

Heather and Team are currently ranked #1 in the Russian Super League.

G-luck ladies!

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  1. Yeah They did not play really good. Larson made a lot of mistakes. Hopefully they can get back and win next Game.

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